Welcome to another great installment of #kasivibes with yours truly Mawisa. I’m quite excited about chatting with Bright Breeze, as we are going to be discussing nothing but all sorts of music. He’s regarded a legend in his own right as music has been nothing but life to him, and that explains his great capabilities on his craft.

Do check out the fresh box to find out more about Bright Breeze.

•••Fresh Box with Bright Breeze•••


Q. Welcome to Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. Great to be chatting with you, how are you?
A. I’m well thanks.

Q. First and foremost let’s start from humble beginnings, where are you from?
I was born in Limpopo and later moved to Soshanguve where I spent most of my upbringing.

Q. What keeps you grounded?
A. Music, life and most of all passion which is my drive.

Q. What inspired you to take up music as a full time career?
A. Growing up as a bright-eyed youth I have always had a knack for music, stemming from my brother getting me my first turntables at a tender age of 12, from teaching myself how to use them my curiosity for the arts grew and because my support structure is and has always been water tight it guided me into taking that career decision. Playing various musical instruments has now also been another addition to my musical pallet and skills in music making.

Q. Kindly elaborate more on the Nothing Better track by Kaylow, how did the collaboration come about?
A. I composed the beat and then sent it to Kaylow which got a positive response thus far, to my surprise he told me that he was recording his debut studio album with House Africa/Sony and that he has chosen it to be the first single and like they say “..the rest is history”

Q. So what can we expect from Bright Breeze this year, is it going to be just singles or there’s an album in the pipeline?
A. I am completing my debut EP and single which should be hitting your airwaves and TV soon, called “Bright Breeze feat Calendar Songs – Waiting for something” featuring an alluring song bird from the UK. I am also working on Mulo Blaqe’s debut album titled Anticipation and various other singles for artists in and out the country. As for album, I plan to release a full length album soon, with all original. For more updates follow and like Bright Breeze SA(Facebook) for more info in that development.

Q. What’s bright breeze signature sound?
I like to call my sound nostalgic fusion, something that has vibe yet draws you in emotionally and make you feel good in the process… “mara heh monna otla jaiva”(it’s capable of making people dance) *lol*

Q. How do you balance the two producing as well as DJ-ing?
A. It’s that easy! I always make time to nurture and develop both those talents. *smiles*

Q. To those that look up to you and want to follow suit in regards to your choice of career what can you say to them?
A. You need to discover your own unique, possibly unconventional technique for DJ-ing and producing music. Having a distinguishing image and stage presentation are as important as playing your music well.
It’s also easier to get caught up in the hype of success and becoming a big star so I say focus on the bigger picture (your career) as a DJ/producer and musician alike and not just the next 20 min of the spotlight. Music requires work, practice, discipline and commitment.

Q. If you weren’t a music producer/DJ which career choice would you have persuaded?
A. I would be a graduate in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Q. Where can people book bright breeze and maybe for social networking, bo twitter or facebook wise?
For bookings call:

Cell: Phumla 081 721 2889
Facebook fan page: Bright Breeze SA
Twitter: @brightbreezesa
Soundclound: Bright Breeze
Instagram: @brightbreeze

•••The End•••

On that same breath Bright Breeze has had his fair share of working with the cream of the industry ,in & out of the studio. Also unleashing new talent as he believes in giving opportunities to upcoming talent. His versatile style of work has set him apart from his peers in the industry. And for someone who balances being a DJ and a producer soo well, surely the sky is the limit for him. 2015 is the year for Bright Breeze.

It’s been nothing but a great pleasure to be talking to Bright Breeze, he’s a legend in the making and quite humble and of course funny. This interview is one of those that will be captured as history in the making. Until next time when another talent will be celebrated.

Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you all.


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