Following the Boko Haram Saga at Mamelodi, residents and community members have been applauding a person who came and labelled himself ‘John Wick’. Mamelodi residents claim that the person is doing a very good job compared to what the police have been doing and failed them as a community.

It is believed that John Wick is behind the killings which have transpired at Mamelodi of about nine people and left one with injuries between the month of August up until about the current month of October. It is said that the reason behind his killings it is because of a so called gang calling themselves Boko Haram, which is accused of terrorising the community of Soshanguve and Mamelodi thus far.

John Wick, played by American actor Keanu Reeves, is the titular character in a series of movies where he takes on bad guys. According to South African Daily, taking the news to their Facebook account on Tuesday the 26th of October, John Wick has made another attack. “The Famous Mamelodi vigilante named John Wick has done it again. No one knows who he is,” the post read.

Community policing forum chairperson in Mamelodi west, Tebogo Mashigo, told different media companies that the people were lauding the vigilante as a hero. “The sentiment shared by a lot of people is that it is long overdue they are happy with the situation. But as the CPF, we are not happy. Whether they are part of the community or gangsters, it’s one death too many, it affects everybody.”

He said that amid the havoc, there had been false information making the rounds on social media. “There were images shown on social media on Friday and Saturday, claiming that John Wick has hit again. Those images are not from Mamelodi because if it was from Mamelodi cases would have been opened by the police and we should know by now who has been killed.”A provincial task team is on the streets of Mamelodi investigating the murders and claims of extortion.

By: Mpho Khena.

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