Mapara A Jazz who have been in the spotlight recently for the hit single ‘John Vuli Gate’, have been accused of allegedly having stolen the song from Dominic “Matanta” Baloyi from Hartbeespoort Dam. The complainant opened a case against the Mapara A Jazz duo from Atteridgeville, Man Malaya Ngwana wa tshwenya and Lenny the big boss with the Pretoria Central police. The accused were allegedly brought in for questioning on Sunday, yesterday by the police and were later released pending further investigations.

Dominic told Tsa Pitori Mapara A Jazz allegedly stole the song when they were invited to his studio by their friend. “They stole files of the vocals and our beat concepts in our studio when they were just invited by their friend and brother of Man Malaya called Scara.” He said. According to Dominic the original song belongs to him alongside Ntosh Gaz and Scara chilli ya baba. “Mapara A Jazz recorded the stolen song elsewhere. Good part is Lenny confessed yesterday in front of the police that he took the files without our permission.” He added.

He further said he wants Mapara A Jazz to stop performing the song and everything that’s related to it. “The song belongs to us and Scara and I want them to come clean and stop interfering with anything that involves John Vul’igate.” He said. He told Tsa Pitori that they will be releasing the original song this coming Wednesday and he is busy filing for damages against the accused. Mapara A Jazz hadn’t responded to our questions about the song by the time the article was published. #ladi_jaja?

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