On Wednesday the vodka brand Russian Bear was trending on Twitter along with a video of a group of ladies dancing at a petrol station that went viral. A new dance challenge has hit the ground in South Africa as a result of a video of a group of ladies with a bottle of vodka in their hands dancing to John Vuli Gate. Dj Maphorisa has recently took to Twitter implying the might be a remix of John Vuli Gate soon with him an Focalist featured on it.

John Vuli Gate is a relatively new song by Mapara A Jazz featuring Ntosh Gaz and Colano. Man Malaya Nggwana WA tshwenya and Lenny the big boss from Atteridgeville are the faces behind Mapara a Jazz. The duo has been working together for 13 years and their music has played on radio stations like Metro FM, YFM and Phalaphala FM just to mention a few.

The video was initially uploaded to TikTok by @angel737277 and was then shared to Twitter by various users. The video sparked the beginning of a new challenge as others started uploading videos of themselves dancing to the song. During a previous interview they told Tsa Pitori they want to tour the world and showcase their talent and collaborate with more international producers, artists and Dj’s. #ladi_jaja?

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