The Limpopo born young artist Tumelo Tladi known as JayHussleMusiq first went to study sound engineering in Mpumalanga. After a short while he realised that he enjoys being behind the mic than behind the screen. It has been five years since the artist moved and started performing in Pretoria CBD and surrounding areas. The 26 year old grew up in Jane Furse, Marulaneng in Limpopo but moved to Pretoria to pursue his career.

 The lad says he enjoyed growing up in Limpopo and had the best childhood. The only thing that has kept him going is the passion he has for music. “I used to perform at school functions during my high school years and shared music with my friends “, he says. He says he looks up to artists like Cassper Nyovest that’s what motivates him to work hard. “His success has made me realise that it doesn’t matter what’s your background if you work hard you can achieve anything”, he says.

The music industry has a lot of challenges especially for young and upcoming artists. One of the challenges is exploitation. “We make quality music but we get booked to perform for peanuts. The other challenge is that people do not give young artists a chance to prove themselves.” He said. Passion, working hard and being patient in the music industry are some of the things you can use to achieve your goals. Consistency is also vital in achieving dreams. Sometimes being on stage with big names in the industry does not mean you have made it. “One thing I have learned is that you can have a big song but without the right marketing that song is nothing”, he says.

“It is always good to hear what other artists think of your work”, he says. Collaboration is another way to grow as an artist because you are introduced to different people. The South African music industry is on the right path compared to before as there are many opportunities now. “Anyone can sing these days, we just have to work hard to win the hearts of music consumers “, he says. He added that young artists need to be more creative.

JayHussleMusiq is currently working on a project that he says will blow people away. “I am the next big thing in the South African music business “, he concluded. The artist says he has realised that the only thing he wants now is to be in studio all the time. He is one of the individuals that believe in doing whatever it takes to reach his dream.

By: Phozisa Mandela.

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