Welcome to another enticing issue of your most reliable source of local content Tsa Pitori Online Magazine #ladi_jaja? On this issue we will be focusing on how education can if possible shape the future of the world. The historic transition of 1976 in Soweto teaches us of how education has always led the aspiration for social and psychological emancipation.  41 years down the road we still ask ourselves if the purpose that shed so many tears and blood was ever achieved.

Recently we encountered the #FeesMustFall movement, that was marshalling for free and accessible education for the formerly disadvantage African child. It was the world icon Madiba who said “education is the sharpest tool one can use to shape the world”, however access to institutions of higher learning is still knot tied with indefinite processes to overcome hurdles before accessing study loans, bursaries and financial aid.

How can I speak about education and not reflect on the standards of our basic education we’ve had, the likes of OBE, NCS and recently CAPS is introduced to the system without any evident change or improvement. The government has succumbed to resolutions like lowering the pass mark from 40% to 30%. Recently we have even heard of alleged attempts to lowering standards further for subjects like Mathematics and even removing it as a compulsory subject RIP to Mathematics.

With the recent junk status and recession, the country is in desperate need for intervention, and unemployment is not doing any justice to this matter. In the last 10 years we’ve seen more youth enter and leave universities with Diplomas and Degrees only to end up roaming the streets or working as cashiers at supermarkets.

I for one believe if the government has no answers then we need to look within for progressive resolutions. They say “education is the key to success” I say application of learned knowledge transcends to success. You don’t need any Diploma, Degree or Matric certificate to live a proud life. Surf the net, read newspapers, stay in touch with Tsa Pitori now and then go to the library, learn as much as you can and practice what you learn even twice as hard and you will see what “the sky is the Limit” means.

Enjoy this edition as we feature people making ours a better world and building future generations. We will also look at what opportunities and tribulations we’re still encountering through our education system #ladi_jaja?



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