Felix Makotore (35) from Lotus Garden  last Friday morning, on the 19th March, injured himself by chopping off a couple of fingers with a grinder while working. He was allegedly rushed to Pretoria West hospital where he was stabilised, bandaged and transferred to Kalafong Provincial Tertiary Hospital, in Atteridgeville for surgery.

It’s alleged that upon arrival at Kalafong hospital, Makotore was admitted and instructed not to eat anything as he would be taken to theater so they can operate on his injured hand. By Sunday afternoon, Makotore’s wife Yolanda (24) contacted Tsa Pitori to ask for any assistance in resolving his husbands situation.

“Since Friday they haven’t taken him to theatre it’s just promises. He is not eating because they told him not to eat since that Friday so eish I’m just desperate I don’t know what to do even advises I will really appreciate.” Said Yolanda.

Following her visit to see her husband on Monday (yesterday), she told Tsa Pitori the situation was still the same. Tsa Pitori then called the Kalafong Hospital and spoke to a representative by the name Innocentia Zulu.

“Yes we do have a patient by that name and I just went to his ward to check out on his condition. We have explained to him that due to the scarcity of doctors working in theater we first deal with emergencies and Mr Makotore’s condition was determined not to be urgent. We currently have patients in Theater and two more scheduled after them. If we don’t have other emergencies after this Mr Makotore will then be taken in for the operation.” Said Zulu.

Tsa Pitori received a message from Yolanda this morning confirming her husband was finally taken to theater. “Oooh guys thank you so much your call did help very much he was taken to theatre around past 8 and it was successful keep on doing the good work being the voice to the voiceless God bless.” She said. #ladi_jaja?

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