Greetings friends of Mawisa and of course readers at large of #kasivibes. Before I can unpack today’s festivities, I hope you did your bit today seeing that it’s Mandela day. This week on #kasivibes I got to sit down and get to know Karabo Sebata. Karabo Sebata is from a township called Mabopane, just outside Pretoria. He will be talking us through his journey as a choreographer. Do check out the Fresh Box below.



Q. What inspired you to pursue a career in dance?
A. Dance is something that I love and enjoy doing. I made a career out of it because I love feeding happiness through dance. Dance brings smiles on people’s faces. The only tears that it brings to a person its tears of joy.

Q. With that said what genre of dance do you specialize in or are you a versatile dancer?
A. I started by dancing sbujwa(modern township dance) but as time went I fell in love with dance in general so I made sure that I learn other genres. Overall I’m a versatile dancer.

Q. Who are your great influences within dance?
A. First is David April from Moving into Dance but mostly my crew inspires me, my crew members are talented individuals that are hungry for perfection which results in the whole crew being able to deliver whatever it takes, lastly my friends and family.

Q. Dance has become your life how do you improve lives through dance?
A. Throughout my dance life I have witnessed that dance is therapeutic. It is also a recreational way to combat social-economic issues like crime and substance abuse. It also teaches patience, discipline and builds one’s character for the better.

Q. Every respective industry has its own ups and downs, from you side what has been the biggest lesson learnt thus far?
A. Perform like it’s your last.

Q. On that same breath what has been your highlight of your career?
A. Travelling to Switzerland.

Q. Tell us about the dance classes you’re offering at ODI indoor sports complex?
A. We offer a variety of dance classes, consisting of genres like contemporary, sbujwa, pantsula and Hip Hop. We also influence the youth fundamentally by urging them to study hard and to respect themselves, and those around them, and to eliminate the stigma against dancers in Mabopane that there’s no growth within dance.

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Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Cell: 073 379 0213

Karabo has choreographed the TUT drummies for Muzinda resident. Together with his team scooped the 2nd position, they were up against 16 other residents. They also won the Gymnaestrada. Amongst other things he’s currently a dance teacher for two schools which are leap maths and science schools in Ga-rankuwa on Fridays.
Both schools took 1 and 2 positions in dance at Segarana School Competition.

He’s currently working with versatile legends. He concludes the interview by confirming that he has achieved all his success with the assistance of Lucky Masango. That’s it for this week remember to keep it crazy but under control.

Nothing but Gods love, peace & blessings upon you all.


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