Ikageleng Bokamoso Foundation is A Non-Profit Organisation that serves previously disadvantaged people and children in need, it is located in the Moretele area. The Foundation empowers children with complex learning disabilities and enhance educational opportunities. Ikageleng was formed on the 3rd of February 2021. Ikageleng Bokamoso Foundation is an NPO serving children in previously disadvantaged places.

The formation was a result of noticing a gap in society and reacting to the direct and indirect negative consequences due to issues relating to unemployment, gender base violence, poverty and assist with involvement of young people in rural areas in technology, education, and skills development. The foundation aims to alleviate poverty within the communities through learnerships, internships, service training and other poverty alleviation programs.

The Foundation has recently started “A keep me warm campaign” whereby they provide for children in need of school uniform, blankets for orphanages and other items that can keep kids warm this winter. The key to the foundation is to provide emotional and physical support for vulnerable orphans through counselling for them to have a better future. The foundation has successful managed teaching grade R’s kids about Hygiene.

Ikegeleng Bokamoso Foundation faces funding challenges as the foundation funds itself. Their employees experience difficulties to travel to other areas to attend classes as they lack funds to pay for public transport. The foundation is urging the community members to donate R50 or clothes that still in good conditions for children in need.

Isaac Pogiso Matsho the founder of the foundation said that “After realising a gap of lack of information between children at schools, empowerment programs for students and higher institutions lack interaction with parents prior to children’s studies and other challenging aspects they face at school, I realised that many kids suffer from mistreatment, child negligence, emotional and physical abuse, and sexual abuse. So, I decided to do something about it by forming this foundation to assist with challenges children face in schools and in their homes,”

“However, funding has been a challenge during this difficult times, we have to use funds from our own pockets to travel and run the campaign as child mistreatmen t awareness.” He concluded.

By: Mbali Mabena.


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