So many times people work hard, taking all the extra efforts trying to re-structure their lives, venturing into all sorts of productive activities that might assist in bettering their lives, but now the question is ‘For how long should people work for success before it works for them?’

Kgaogelo E Nkuna once said “People are attracted by the new, yet they remember the usual”. Think about it, we all get fascinated when we get exposed to something for the first time but yet we would rather settle for what we’ve been knowing all along. That means 90% of the time we do what is usual and common trying to accomplish what is odd and uncommon.


Now what could be the solution to this matter?

All things begin in the mind as thoughts then they get materialized as actions. The first thing any person should do before engaging in anything is to IDENTIFY themselves in that certain state. Identity is the sense of who you are, it is the content of your original glory, it is your source, a cure for confusion and once you know who you are then you know your restrictions and limits in all that you do. Identity is like a mirror that reflects your worth, without any confusion you will know what is it that you want and what is it that’s required of you to get what you want and how do you get what you want.

A fish knows that it cannot survive full time out of water because it understands that it’s identity is rooted inside the water and its life depends on it. Your success depends on your identity because your identity will give you the right direction to your success. Identity is an art of giving you the right glasses to the correct focal point, it plants you on a fertile soil where water never struggles to grow you up, however identity is the root of success.

‘It’s more than enough even if it’s only you who believes in yourself!’- Refentse Mabaso

In conclusion, you cannot identify what you really need and want if you don’t know who you really are. First know yourself then use that as a compass of direction to know what you really want and that will give a pathway into how you get it. Never try to be like anyone, never even compete with anyone, always work from the best of your own abilities and that is the way to succeeding exceedingly in life.




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