Welcome to your weekly dosage of premium infotainment on the hottest hub called #KasiVibes. Well today I will be chit chatting with DJ Limpi originally from Ratsiepane in North West, but currently residing at Soshanguve Block F-West Pretoria. He’s going to be sharing his journey with us as a professional disc jockey(DJ). Sit back and enjoy who knows you might just get inspired.



Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. How are you doing?
A. Good thanks and you?

Q. When did you realize your career was in music(professional DJing)?
A. Early this year.

Q. On the same breath who inspired you to persue a career in DJing?
A . DJ Scratch-Tee.

Q. What sets you apart from other DJs within the industry?
A. My set is always different, I play my own style

Q. Would you ever consider going to production?
A. Yes I already started.

Q. That one DJ you look up to and why?
A. King La John because of his hustle.

Q. Can you kindly tell us more about TBK Brothers and Uma Mente Records.
A. TBK Brothers is a group of 3 young guys who perform with a percussionist and Uma Mente Records is a record label which master and market our tracks

Q. Before we could wrap up, how would you give back to the community if given a chance to make a difference in people’s lives?
A. Since I started going to orphanage I would donate to it.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: I’amKgaugeloLimpi Shikwane
Twitter: @Dj_limpi
Email:  kgaugelotheledi5@gmail.com
Cell: 082 086 5956



•••THE END•••

Dj Limpi is a young talented man, who got bitten by the music bug at a tender age of 17. Started getting into DJing at the age of 21 which was in the year 2014 and producing music at the age of 22 which is this year(2015).

He has worked alongside local DJs such as King La John, DJ Stlhare, Jakes, Calix, Topito, Papi(Zane), Centic Deep, Fazical Dj,Scratch-Tee , and artists such as Katlego BM, Jay Swagg, Petmuso, NenoMaila, Acid Styles and others. He quickly adds that most of the time he plays at local pubs and local events for a minimum rate for the sake of marketing not fame.

Dj Limpi concludes the interview by saying “in future I’d like to share the stage with Black Coffe, Shimza and I would like to open a DJ school and groom young talent that find it hard to achieve their goals in the music industry. I’d also love to work with various humble DJs all over the globe.”

In order for talent to succeed in this industry, one needs to turn his/her talent or should I say career into a business model. It might take years but believe you me every career needs to be a profit making business, I’ll leave it at that.

Sadly this is the last article of the year 2015!
Allow me to wish you guys a festive and safe festive season. And not to forget to thank you for the tremendous support you have given me and @Tsa_Pitori.
Remember arrive alive this December!

Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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