It’s that time again for yet another weekly dosage of #kasivibes. This week is not an ordinary week but it’s first week of December so this means one thing #KeDecemberBoss. This time around I had the opportunity to sit down with a highly opinioned artist Ronny Sithole known as Trayce from Soshanguve, Pretoria. Trayce will be speaking about his love for music and the music business at large.



Q. Good day and welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, How are you doing?
A. I’m well preserved thanks for asking.

Q. Before I could unpack our interview kindly take us through your childhood?
A. Well I had an amazing childhood, growing up around both parents and 5 siblings was all just a blessing.

Q. When did you realize that music is your calling?
A. 2005, that’s when I actually knew music was everything I ever wanted, although it became more clear in 2006 when I wrote my first song.‬

Q. Take us through your musical journey, was it a difficult one?
A. Honestly it was just all complex and very challenging, it still is but there’s nothing like the thrill of beating challenges and seeing yourself break through obstacles.

Q. Who inspires your craft?
A. Well honestly my craft is inspired by music itself, life, my family, my love life, my break ups, my beautiful princess and myself.‬

Q. What’s that different element that sets you apart from other cats within the industry?
A. What sets me apart is the fact that I don’t limit myself in what I do, I go beyond certain barriers and I always challenge myself to test waters, explore music and reach that hidden recipe.

Q. Why Hip Hop and not any genre of music?
A. *Lol* well I always ask myself the same question “why Hip Hop?” but hey when you’re chosen you’re chosen, this is the music that communicates to my soul, it’s the lifestyle that I understand and at the same time I comprehend it. I LOVE HIP HOP!!!‬

Q. What can your fans expect from you before the end of the year?
A. Well they can expect my new hot single to hit radio soon, be on the lookout on social media for downloads, it’s titled “Let go (I wanna)” trust me your playlist needs this.

Q. Any future collaborations we can expect from you?
A. Yes, I will be collaborating with the likes of Corex, TheeOriFlamme, Info Cash, Young Inn, Decoy, the list is endless there’s a lot of great artists I will be working with.

Q. What are you currently working on?
A. Like I said, I’m about to release the hottest single to ever hit the market so my focus right now is making sure that my single is delivered to South Africans and the world properly, that’s where my energy is channeled for now.

Q. Before we could wrap up, what’s your take on the state of SA Hip Hop?
A. It’s AMAZING, no wait! IT’S FLABBERGASTING! In a good way though I love it, the bar is set high and I’m really glad that we broke barriers and made it to international waves.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Trayce SA
Twitter: @Trayce_SA
Email:  trayce.sa@gmail.com

••• THE END •••

Trayce fell in love with music in the year 2006 while he was a grade 10 learner. He recorded his first single with his former crew member named Rhyme Flipper from group Ruff Doggz under CSP records, then later released a four track promo disc in hard copies. He has worked with various producers and artists, and has also been part of many gigs and music related shows.
Trayce has performed at places like Morula Sun casino, Piki’s Lounge, Nafcoc Auditorium, Cloud9, Queens Lounge, Andys Industrial Chisa Nyama alongside Junior Taurus. He also shared a local radio interview at TUT FM 96.2 radio with Jaycee a fellow artist. He was also featured as a guest artist on an online (podcast) radio show interview called Straight 2De Point at Radio High Definition.
He was once signed with Next Production a record company based in Soshanguve then joined a Hip Hop crew known as Swagga Saintz which released a four track E.P, then a year later he went solo again with a producer known as Kimro Beatz.
One of my hit singles was featured on Tshwane FM’s Hip Hop show which made waves for quite some time. Trayce has been featured in various songs by other artists in the industry as he comes highly recommended and not to forget that he was also part of Soshville All-Stars movement. He hasn’t released any albums as a solo artist, just hit singles. “With that said I would like to tell fellow artist to believe in their craft, secondly to remember that every day is a learning curve for you. You must be willing to learn as much as you can in order to master your craft. In a nutshell hard work pays.”
Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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