On this week’s installment of the best infotainment in the land we feature the talented and most celebrated Dj of our time as she gives us some of her secret ingredients to success. She was born in Mabopane as Kagiso Modilselle then later moved to Soshanguve.  She was training to be an actress in the South African State Theater when she was introduced to turn tables, Dj Divalash’s call to the stage came early. Keep it locked on the Fresh Box below as we speak to this vibrant soul.



Q. There’s a lot to unpack and I don’t know where to start, well how did it all begin for you?
A.It all started with headaches and drama and being misunderstood, it was hard for me to end up this far. This year is my 17th year in the entertainment industry but it’s just a few years’ back that things started to pick up, all by the grace of God Almighty.

Q. How do you balance being a philanthropist, a DJ, MC, actress and entertainer?
A.I believe everyone wakes up with a plan, but when it comes to me Divalash I ask Gods’ wisdom and He grants a time table towards my blessings. The days of planning will come but currently I live everyday by letting Him plan out what’s next and when I get a feeling that something is purely wrong, I never pursue it because His wisdom makes it easier for me to deliver on His plans.

Q. Is Ghana your 2nd home? Explain further about your international DJ award.
A.I will never say any country is my second home as I have notice the love I receive out there in Africa is balanced. I receive support from many countries including Europe and USA through social media for my work. I received The Ghana DJ award in 2012 and became the first ever female to win the best international DJ of the year award, going up against DJ’s from countries like Nigeria, UK, Canada. These awards are to recognize the DJ’s in Ghana but this category was meant for DJ’s who play Ghanaian music in their countries.

Q. You have just wrapped up your trip to Mozambique, how was that experience?
A.Lashingly best, I always enjoy Mozambique. They love my work because I get booked for gigs there every month. I have travelled almost all provinces there and they are fighting for me to come visit other provinces as they always get people who have been lashed bragging with pictures and videos saying how they enjoyed being with the queen of AfroBeat(Mulhero).
Q. How would you describe your hustle?
A.I am a bowl of energy, when I put my mind on something I see it to completion, I never get media hungry to the point of being there for bad reasons, I like giving back and keep my focus locked on my hustle. I will close this question with these words:”I will rest when I’m dead as for now boroko ke eng(why sleep)?”

Q. A lot of people misunderstood you whilst you were starting out as a Dj, what can you say about it?
A.You know when you hustle, you can never concentrate on what anybody has to say, so I kept strong and just focused. I get inspiration from my lashing family, I call them family instead of fans because they love and support me as a brand, they respect my hustle and get inspired by what I do. When I get nominated for an award and win it, #teamdivalash wins because it’s their love and support which makes it possible for me.

Q. On the same breath how did you make it work for your brand?
A.With prayer and always taking lessons from negativity. I learned that you can never please the whole world, so I focus on doing things for me and my loved ones. This helps me to never regret what I go through, but to always embrace it.

Q. Do you think your hustle has been slept on?
A.Of cause, I am one of the best in the world, my hard work and talent speaks for itself. My own country will realize late that I have represented them massively and by that time I’ll be gone. We need to start giving credit where it’s due. Myself and other artists who are making this industry what it is today by pushing it in Africa and abroad should get the recognition we deserve.

Q. If you weren’t an entertainer, which career would you have followed?
A.Croupier working at casinos or an air hostess shouting “beef or chicken?” aahaha(laughs) they fascinate me, or I’d be a community builder because I love helping the less fortunate.

Q. Lastly what are some of the current projects you are working on?
A.I am venturing into Film and Television, I wrote a series which is aimed at bringing back the veterans to our TV screens. I also have an album which is due for release this summer and a world tour starting in July. I also have a reality show project which I am hands on, I plan on going back to school for piano lessons and language practice, finally I just want to create a platform in my agency for upcoming stars and save them from temptation of loosing themselves in the industry.

•••THE END •••


Truth be told Dj Divalash’s sense of humor and  presence when she enters a room goes unnoticed. She oozes with confidence and a bit of sexiness. She has won a lot of DJ battles within Pretoria, but one which stands out is the #redsquaredjknockout2013 competition where she was the 1st female winner. As a woman in this fast paced, male dominated industry I commend her for remaining current and inspiring those who follow her career.  Getting a chance of working with her, I have experienced her greatness first hand, and I am honored.


Email: divalash22@gmail.com

Facebook:  Divalash(DJ&Artist)

Twitter: @djdivalash or @teamdivalash

Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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