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Welcome to another installment of nothing but great infotainment on Tsa_Pitori’s #kasivibes. First and foremost happy Valentine’s Day to you all. I urge you to spread love throughout konke ku bonke(everywhere to everyone). With that said this week I’m chatting to a DJ who had the rare opportunity of sharing the stage with the cream of the entertainment industry, the likes of Vinny Da Vinci, Christos, Julian Gomes, Malankane, Deep Expressions, Juicy jazz, Miggs, Foreal and Greg Maloka just to mention a few.

Even with the struggles he experienced in the industry, this brother still held his head high.
He goes by the name of Karabo Raymond Poo also known as Deeply Beaf from Mabopane, a township in Pretoria. In this week’s feature he tells us about his journey from changing companies to being his own boss!!!

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Q. How did your stage name Deeply Beaf come about?
A. Iyoh! the name Deeply Beaf has two sides hey at first it was just Beaf which was given to me by a friend who always said I’ve got beef with the turntables because I always make him dance whenever he comes to my gigs, Deeply was added by another friend who said I play nice deep house tunes. Then Deeply Beaf came about.

Q. Let’s start from humble beginnings, how did you get into the industry and how old were you?
A. My brother always had his friends over at our house so they’d play old school house music using cassette players, one day my neighbor had a party so he asked me to help him, he had turntables and he knew his way around them so I asked him to teach me how to play from there he would take me to his gigs and I’d be his opening act.

Q. Are you a cross over DJ or do you play one genre of music?
A. I’m a cross over disc jockey.

Q. Are you still under the Monkey Biznis Events Company?
A. I was with Monkey Biz but now I’m independent.

Q. Your perspective on Mabopane based Events companies?
A. They doing well and I don’t have anything against them but they lack creativity as an events company they should come up with something that’s going to blow people away. Because I am independent I want to host something this year I’ll keep @Tsa_pitori posted on what’s what *lol*

Q. Is it true that home gigs pay less than outside gigs and why do you think this is the case?
A. The problem is that most people who do home ground gigs always say they can’t pay a lot of money due to the fact that they know us.

Q. What sets Deeply Beaf apart from the rest?
A. I’m an eclectic DJ and I play all types of music.

Q. What can we expect from Deeply Beaf this year, Please don’t leave out anything?
A. People should expect Deeply Beaf’s growth as a brand not only as a DJ but as well as an event coordinator because like I said I’m planning events this year which people don’t expect to be hosted in black communities


Well that’s DJ Deep Beaf’s journey, he’s a force to be reckon with no doubt about that. It’s plain and simple, success is all about paying your dues as a brand, and once you have learned all the valuable lessons then the sky is the limit.

DJ Deeply Beaf’s Booking info:
Email : karabopoo1@gmail.com
Cell : 0794720485
Facebook : Deeply Beaf
Twitter : @rea_beaf

Nothing but Gods love, peace and blessings upon you all.

Love Mawisa


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