It’s that time of the week for yet another dosage of great infotainment. I’m talking about #kasivibes, where we celebrate different talents. Well this week is no different as we get to know DJ Gigantic from Garankuwa, Pretoria. So keep it locked on the Fresh Box below to find out more about this talented DJ.



Q. Who is DJ Gigantic?
A. A DJ from Garankuwa
Q. Who inspired you to be a DJ?
A. Truly speaking it’s the one and only DJ Fresh.
Q. Are you looking at stepping into the production lane, if so please elaborate further in this regard?
A. *lol* I expected that question, yeah I’m looking towards joining the production industry. Since I started doing live performance I thought it would be best if I perform my own tracks and brace the crowd with my own work.
Q. Who keeps you grounded and level headed?
A. It has to be my mum who has always been there for me through my ups and downs. If she was not around during trials and struggles I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Q. How is the industry treating you so far?
A. It has not always been a joy ride, I have been through hell but then my passion for the industry gave me strength to remain in the game and keep the hustle going.
Q. What’s your memorable performance thus far?
A. There is this one performance that changed my life as a DJ, the second Bula Boot event held at Ga-rankuwa zone 1 park on the 26th Of January 2013.
Q. What are your future aspirations?
A. To be one of the best Radio DJ’s and TV presenter in the country.
Q. What are your plans this year as a DJ?
A. l’m looking forward to releasing one or two singles this year which will introduce me to the production industry.
Q. What projects are you currently busy with?
A. I’m currently working with DJ Miss Lee on a radio show called Hip House Fridays on Jintek radio 405.
Q. What keeps you motivated?
A. DJ Sbu’s work, Yoh! that guy is doing exactly what I want to achieve in the media industry.
Q. Word of advice to anyone out there who would like to pursue a career in the music industry?
A. The industry is fast paced you need to be committed and humble to survive. Don’t do it for fame but do it because you have the passion for it.


••• THE END •••

I remember when I met DJ Gigantic last year when he was booked at one of my events, he greeted me and went straight to the Dj booth, a clear indication of a hard worker and a passionate guy. Words cannot describe how he delivered his set, mind you he’s so petite but yet can do wonders behind the decks. Indeed he is living proof that dynamite comes in small packages. He has shared the stage with the likes of DJ Noise, Kay 9ine, Mos D, Tzee, Dijo, Segale Mogotsi, Beat junky (track selector), Chad Da Don, L-skillz (track selector), DJ Bucks, Jab Juice, Play Master, Calvin Dismor, DJ Baldwin, Kuli Chana, I could go on and on. He also played at most clubs in and around Pretoria. He’s currently in Sunny Side Pretoria, studying financial accounting and Radio broadcasting at Jintek Varsity College. His hustle shows that the sky is the limit indeed. His determination and drive leaves much to be desired, he has not let all the trials he has been through distract him from pursuing his dreams, and he’s proof that after every struggle greatness follows. Catch us next week for another fun filled installment of #kasivibes #ladijaja


Email           : sphapha0@gmail.com

Cell              : 062 283 5313

Facebook   : Otsile djgiganticdeep Pelo

Twitter       : @djgigantic

Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you all.


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