Wedding trends are tricky these days, with couples opting to be unique or be trend setters; it’s almost as if the new trend is not to follow a trend at all. From hair and make-up to furniture and lighting, here’s what you’ll be seeing a lot more of from the wedding scene in 2019/2020. Less is more in terms of hair and makeup, brides are moving to a more natural look. It’s all about being comfortable and focusing on bringing out your natural beauty. So no more layers of dramatic makeup and hair styles keep it light and simple.

Décor is moving more towards naturalism with bringing the outdoors in. Brides want more greenery and a feeling of being surrounded by nature in an indoor setting. Looks like greenery hanging from the roof to extremely lush classy colorful flower arrangements will be seen in 2019. Out with a restrictive wedding theme, in with a mix and match of furniture to create a unique space that is tailor fit to the couple’s personal style. This even applies to individual table settings. Why does every guest’s setting need to be the same?

Weddings are becoming more of an experience to remember than an event. While guests are not likely to remember all the details of a wedding decor, they are more than likely to remember what they experienced during the event. With men becoming more actively involved in the planning of their wedding, we see surprise couple/wedding party dance performances, music and dance become the order of the day. Also, experiences that get the guests involved, like selfie booths.

Having a feast is a much more engaging experience for guests than having a standard set menu. More and more people turn to buffet style dining where guests can choose from an array of dishes with serving more traditional African food becoming a cost effective idea

Gin bars aren’t really a trend, they are here to stay. Gin has never been more popular and it’s definitely the drink of the moment. What could be better than a brilliant gin bar for your guests? Create a gin station that your guests will love. Let them choose their own personal favorite combination of gin, mixers, and garnishes.

Overall, the latest wedding trends are moving more towards what the couple and guests EXPERIENCE on the day rather than an event to put together. We have more tips provided by a professional wedding planner who will teach you how to plan your PERFECT WEDDING. Each week we will breakdown the elements of a wedding as mentioned above so see you then.

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