Coping with a drug addict at home has never been an easy thing to do. A drug addict or a druggie is defined as a person who habitually uses legal or illegal drugs. Most drug addicts tend to change moods now and again. Drug addiction can be caused by many things. People give different explanations as to why they turned to drugs.

People turn to drugs after experiencing a traumatic event such as witnessing a person getting killed, Some turn to drugs to ease the pain of losing their loved one. Others take drugs because of peer pressure. Prescribed drugs such as pain killers and sleeping tablets can become an addiction too. A person can take sleeping tablets everyday because they are experiencing insomnia.

When there is an addict at home, things will start disappearing. Valuable things like phones and televisions. The person who is becoming an addict will start behaving in an unbecoming way. He/she will begin to be violent towards everybody at home. Drugs can even affect their eating patterns. They rather eat more or less than usual. Their sleeping patterns can be affected. It is easy to lose all trust on a person who is an addict.

It is the best solution to restrict an addict access to finances, regardless of the relationship you have with them. When an addict is looking for a quick fix, they don’t care what or who is around them. They can even sell their house or cars for a small amount of money. When they are given access to their bank account, they tend to drain it, if it means that they are going to get a quick fix.

Dealing with an addict can be so draining and stressful to a point where one is no longer able to make time for themselves. One don’t have time to do what they love and what makes them happy because they are so focused on the person that they believe he/she needs help to get rid of the bad habit. This can also lead to stress and other chronic diseases such as heart disease. A good thing to do is to give oneself time, away from the addict.

Going to family therapy sessions is one of the best tips one can look into. According to substance Abuse and Mental health services Administration, a family therapy programme is designed to break down that sensation of distrust, guilt and stress. Most family members blame themselves for not being there for a person who is now a druggie. They think if they would have been there more or tried to talk to the person more, that person was not going to turn to drugs as his or her comforter.

It is not easy to tell a person to quit drugs. They will always give excuses that they want to but can’t. Talking about rehab always make the person who is an addict aware that you are there for them. You are trying to help them.



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