Hot Battle between two top producers

DJ Maphorisa’s recently took to Facebook where, the Amapiano star accused Makwa Beats of coping his wave, This comes after Makwa’s posts seeming to be directed at Dj Maphorisa. Judging from the mentioned artists posts, they have been throwing shade at each other on Facebook. This first came after Makwa took to social media saying “The last time I trusted someone I spoke highly of on a daily basis he fucked it up for all of us. Imagine now the bridge is burned and we no longer going to work together. I’ve lost respect for the broer because he didn’t think of umculo. He didn’t think of people who have been asking for our project for years. I have songs I have on my side I’ll release them because I believe in recordile recordile.”

“Hope one day he’ll have balls to come to apologise. I know he’ll see the post because he disappointed me in so many levels” He added.

 DJ Maphorisa sounded deeply disappointed in Makwa and described him as a lazy producer that drinks too much lean. Maphorisa claims that it’s not the first time Makwa copied his wave, Maphorisa shared a post after Makwa’s post speaking about someone he used to speak highly of saying  “Makwa shut the fuck up your whole career was made after your copied my wave from Ngud by Kwesta and you created spirit and etc…Fix yourself and fucken work hard for your shit.  Lazy boys all you do is just copy and paste start your own shit you disgusting I hope you stopped drinking lean mxm I am disappointed”.

Makwa then wrote that he is responsible for the success of most record labels and other things he can list “Ama record label  ame ngami, I can name a lot more!” He said.

 DJ Maphorisa didn’t take this issue lightly as he continued to share directing  posts to Makwa revealing that Makwa slept on his couch and copied his work and now he does not see him for who he is “Ain’t done shit??  but you slept on my couch for three days coping my wave now I’m nothing Tixo. Lean is making you think slow” DJ Maphorisa posted.

By: Mbali Mabena

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