It’s true that local is lekker, Pitori Craft Beer is a living proof that people prefer products that are manufactured at home. The local alcoholic beverage is led by Solofelang Tladi, Kagiso Makobe, Brian Nsibande and Odirile Ramutla.

According to Odirile one of the co-founders of Pitori Craft Beer, the development of the idea and beer started over a long period of time while they were traveling to different provinces and areas exploring lifestyles. He told Tsa Pitori that they had their first public tasting session in 24 November 2018, since then it has become their anniversary.

The four started this production with the mindset of creating  job opportunities for the unemployed youth in Pitori townships. They wanted to uplift the youth through their brewing house apart from merely putting it on the map with pride.

Initially they were brewing the beer themselves but because of demand they had to look for other options to speed up the production and upscale their quantities. “We now do contract brewing of which we hope and anticipate it to at some point be done in-house, in other words have our own facility brewing premises amongst other things”, Odirile explained to Tsa Pitori.

Odirile and his co-founders emphasized that beside the fact that the beer is brewed from kasi, it tastes like no other. He said their beer is unique because of the way they introduce and serve customers with their bottom-up cup filling mechanism which gives them an edge on competitors.

Pitori Craft Beer is supplied to different taverns, pubs and lounges around Pretoria. When asked how people are receiving the product and if they come back for more, Odirile said they are absolutely loving it. “This has also lead us to releasing the bottled version sooner than we had anticipated”-Odirile.

Pitori Craft Beer has 3 exciting flavours. Odirile explained to Tsa Pitori on the three, two are distinct and are namely the Cerveza containing 4.5% alcohol, the Raspberry & Lime (which is most popular with the ladies, even though the gents love it too) containing 4% and finally our Larger called Blonde Ale at 5%.

What is business if it does not give back to the community? Odirile and his co-founders are making sure that they give back to the people who support them. “We’re investigating the option of Sports events in Pitori where we can encourage sports and recreation within our community”-Odirile. He said they also have youngsters whom they are planning to get trained to become brew masters.


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