It’s that time of the week where I have to dish out the premium infotainment on the hottest weekly column #Kasivibe. This week the spotlight is on Kgaleme Dikgetho Makobe also known as DJ Joza. He was born in Soshanguve Block GG and developed his love for music when he was still in secondary school in the year 2009. Kindly stay with us to see how music is his first love.

DJ Joza


Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine. How are you doing?
A. I’m fresh, thanks for having me
Q. From a young age did you know in your heart that you would choose music as a career?
A. To be honest I didn’t think music would end up being my career, initially I was just doing music for fun of it, just for learning. I’m grateful it later turned into a career and I’m maturing.

Q. Kindly take us through the transition from playing house to playing hip hop music.
A. You know when you’re a DJ/Producer you have evolve with the times. If you can go back a few years back hip hop music was rarely played in our nearby Pubs and Clubs, that time house music dominated. Now hip hop has evolved in an amazing way, every event you attend each and every DJ who is playing on that night, makes sure he plays a hip hop track that the audience will love. Hip hop is currently the household genre in Mzansi(South Africa), so I can say from playing house to hip hop, I evolved with the times.

Q. That greatest lesson learned thus far and kindly elaborate?
A. I have learned that in order to succeed in whatever you’re doing you must have a good relationship with all the people you meet in the entertainment industry, don’t isolate yourself from them and think you don’t need them, to be honest we need help from others as much as they need help from us and lastly always involve God in your plans.

Q. You have a close working relationship with Pimp Cash Entertainment, tell us more about it.
A. Hmm! Working with Pimp Cash Entertainment is not an easy thing, there is too much pressure you know, you don’t just come with a beat in studio and say let’s record it doesn’t work like that. You must first propose your project to the table, explain how you’re going to market it and how much you’re willing to invest in it. Pimp Cash Entertainment is the best and it will always be and thanks to Jaycee RapAddict for involving me in the movement.

Q. On the same breath why did you decide to go independent?
A. I believe that I can do it independently, without a record label. I learnt a lot at Pimp Cash Entertainment, because it was like everyone for himself even though I belonged to the label. That helped me a lot and made not to depend on others. But Pimp Cash Entertainment will always be my home. I love my nikkas!

Q. What makes a good DJ/producer?
A. I’d say for me to consider you a good DJ/Producer you must have:
• The technical aspects down – no train wrecks, crashes or other unplanned jarring changes that take you out of the moment.
• Sense of flow, you’re taking the audience somewhere rather than meandering.
• A selection of tunes that is appropriate to the setting and high quality throughout.

Q. What sets you apart from the rest of the acts?
A. Great question… I’m not sure what’s the best way to answer. I think every DJ/Producer is unique, I just hope that my unique experiences can be channelled in a way that brings a sense of connection or meaning to other people. I was raised in a conservative/Christian way, and then I got really over it, and then I sort of came back to a faith that’s much different, so I think a lot about theology /philosophy. I’m God fearing.

Q. Dj Joza tell us more about your latest project “dabbing”?
A. Hmm! Dabbin’ was planned until KidFresh Beats hooked me up with this dope beat, and i was like let’s do this. I have much faith in this project and I featured up and coming hip hop group Hardcore and soloist Barbie-R. This track will be an anthem in the country. Even though I’m a producer I can’t have my whole mixtape produced by me as said on one of the questions you asked that you might need help from others.

Q. You are a DJ/producer and you balance the two very well, if you were to choose one what would it be and why?
A. Hmm! I think I will go with producing because I have fallen in love with producing hip hop beats. I spend a lot of hours in studio than being on gigs, like i don’t care if I get gigs or not, the most important thing is producing a song that people will always talk about and jam to.

Q. How would you describe the hip hop industry in S.A right now?
A. S.A hip hop industry is massive right now without a doubt, with all the beef that is happening it makes it very interesting. Even people who didn’t follow hip hop they now do and they even listen to it. Thanks to Cassper and AKA’s beef for bringing S.A hip hop alive

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Dikgetho Joza Smart Mampara or Joza The Dj.
Twitter: @DIKGETHO94
Email: jozadikgetho@gmail.com
Cell: 079 185 0402

**THE END **

He ventured into house music as a DJ in 2010. DJ Joza explored more about music when he went on to producing both house and hip hop music with his peer Tebogo Chauke, also known as Chyna Blac. He has worked with Pimp Cash Entertainment S.A with successful artist such as Jaycee RapAddict and released his first hip hop single titled “Aint No Telling” featuring Jaycee, which is making waves around Soshanguve under Pimp Cash Entertainment S.A.

He believes with this track being part of his project he is going to make it to the industry like DJ Dimplez, Speedsta etc. He is the first hip hop DJ to do it like the mentioned hip hop DJs.

Dj Joza has played alongside TJ Prodigy, Calvin Fallo, Chyna Blac to mention a few. He was Jaycee Rapaddict of Jika Boys’ personal DJ for a short period. It is believed that without a doubt that DJ Joza is golden talent and he believes that he is going to reach bigger heights. If you think he hasn’t had his fair share of studying at varsity well think twice he is an IT graduate. Unlike some of us he managed to do his bid and get education so that he can have a back-up plan if his music career doesn’t work out as planned. Do make sure to get educated before anything else.

Till next week, nothing but Gods love, peace and blessings upon you all.



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