First and foremost I would like to send my festive greetings to my followers as well as the @tsa_pitori readers at large. On today’s article I’m not profiling anyone, I’m just going to share what is in my heart.

I would like to acknowledge my editor from Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, for believing in me. I remember applying and crossing fingers, doubting whether my application was going to be accepted or not, but God took over. A young gay guy from the dusty streets of Mabopane with no journalism background had just landed a job as lifestyle writer at @tsa_pitori Online Magazine. The position not only opened doors for me it also taught me a lot in terms of being a writer. My editor and readers thanks a lot, no words can describe my heartfelt appreciation.

This takes me to a subject I want to tackle “BELIEVE”

Believe in your craft so that other people can also believe in your craft.

Refrain from allowing your past to determine your future.
Wherever you are now you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, as long as you put your mind and focus to it.
It’s not always going be a smooth ride it might get bumpy, but it’s nothing you can’t handle, as long as you pray. Prayer always seals the deal.
Never entertain instant success, remember “easy come easy go”.
Till today I cannot say I have reached my destination because there’s more to do, and everyday I’m a step closer to that dream. There’s a lot to talk about but that’ll take me days to finish, so I’ll just stop right here. Everything will be given to you all in God’s time, comparing your hustle with others will only lead you nowhere.

I am the finest gay hustler within Pretoria, I am where I am today because of people who believed in my vision, and I also believed in myself and my vision and that nothing is attainable long as you believe, not forgetting people I put my trust in and never let me down, people who strive for hard work and nothing else.

As you’ reading this article right now, you can do more than what I’m doing today.
Let’s all meet again next year, the year 2015.
This was my last article for the year 2014.
I hope you have written down your new year’s resolutions down.
Remember to be at your best behavior this festive season.
•Arrive alive.
•Don’t drink and drive.
•Don’t drink and walk.
•One round one condom, CONDOMISE!!!

Next year there will be plenty of #kasivibes articles.
I hope to grow with every article, and you’ll be the judge.

Nothing but love, peace and God’s blessings upon you all.


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