Have you ever thought of what you are eating and whether or not the food is healthy for you? I won’t lie I am one of the victims of food binging and a whole lot of unhealthy snacks. Don’t judge me, I know I should be the one leading by example when it come to healthy eating and I should know better that to go wayward, but believe me knowing better doesn’t mean that you will do better. It takes a whole lot of hard work and dedication and of course one rare skill, discipline. Eating healthy is hard but the good thing about it is that the results of eating healthy are worth more.

Eating healthy is hard, but I have decided I am going to come to your rescue and give a few hints about eating healthy and advice on how to follow a meal plan that can keep your energy levels high all day long. Ever heard of a balanced diet? A balanced diet is a meal that includes all the nutrients the body needs for daily living as well as to recover from diseases. A balanced diet includes all the vitamins and minerals from A to Z. Unfortunately some of us suffer from malnutrition and the funniest thing ever if not painful is that we are totally unaware of it.

Healthy eating can burn calories. Calories are like fuel that helps the car run, the less you use the car the fewer calories you need. The more you work the more calories you need. So one of the mistakes that we people make is to eat more and work less. You can’t sit the whole day without doing anything at and eat as much as you want and expect to stay healthy. You can’t be a couch potato but eat like those comrade marathon athletes and expect to be healthy.

Remember what your mom or grandmother used to say to you that you need to eat your veggies?  Well the same rule that was used then still applies today.

  • Eat whole wheat bread or cereals and compliment that with fat free or low fat milk. Let’s put a limit on pap, because that means one African pack for you.
  • Get a dose of calcium from low fat yoghurt, milk cheese or dairy products.
  • Substitute gout/beef for skinless chicken.
  • Add more proteins to your body by eating fish, eggs and milk.
  • Vegetarians you guys can eat nuts and beans to supplement your protein needs.
  • There no dodging the veggie bullet veggies and fruit are a way to go, they contain all of the nutrients you. Have a mixture of green leafy vegetables, orange/yellow/red (robot) and white (cauliflower etc) veggies.
  • Starchy vegetables (potatoes etc) need to be taken in moderation as a lot of starch can contribute to weight gain.
  • You can have green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cucumber and lettuce as much as you want as you won’t get fat and that’s a guarantee, so next time you a starving you know what to do.
  • Fruits are a way to go, so always make sure you include a piece of fruit in your meal and I promise you won’t regret it.



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