Letlhonogelo Malebye Kekana (27) from Hammanskraal Marokolong recently encountered a horrific incident whereby she lost everything on a shack that burned. Kekana explained the story as the following, on Friday she went to Kgomo Kgomo to visit her grandmother and the following day in the morning around 11 am she received a phone call saying “your shack is burning “, she immediately rushed back home.

She said Luckily enough no one suffered injuries because the day this fire escalated the was no one at the house. When they arrived where the accident took place, the was nothing left all the things they worked hard for were burned into ashes. She added by saying they lost their Identity copies, clothes, furniture, and food. She feels shattered and numb because all those years her mother’s harvest went to vain.

She said they are currently living with her aunty and the community played a significant role in accommodating them with the things they lost such as being given clothes, blankets, and food. Geraldine Maisaka on Facebook said, “to all those who helped Letlhogonolo Malebye financially and with everything, we thank you and may God bless every hand that helped”.

The ward councilor Akang Mashaba came to empathize with them regarding what they are going through and made a huge contribution, buying them material to build a new shack.  The police constable kganyego visited this family yesterday he said he is sorry that they are victims of such horrific incident and hoping they overcome what they are going through and will try to help them to uncover what happened as they don’t know what started this fire.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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