Gontse Moepeng Charity Maloka is a 30-year-old professional beauty therapist from Montana who started doing art due to having no source of income as a result of the corona virus pandemic we are facing. Gontse uses her creativity to pay bills. The artist makes beautiful artwork with wool and boards, this is what string art is all about. She explains that the passion derives from the kind of man her father was, a handy man.

All she had to do was take his fathers old work, did more research about string art and as we all know, practice makes perfect. People love her work and the support is great. Her skill develops on a daily as she tries to make her clients happy with the designs they order.

Her social media platform has had great impact on her work, people are willing to help as they see that her work is simply amazing and different. Gontse has everyone as a target market, every occasion and every city in the country. Her goal is to simply make as many boards as possible as she has grown love for her work. She plans on getting a workshop as soon as the business generates enough money. She would love to pass on her skill to anyone who has a passion for art and are good with their hands.

Start up capital for the business was the first challenge she faced. “I had to make sure I buy enough stock and make something great out of anything I had so it could be sold and make profit.” She said. Seeing that the business is growing, Gontse wishes to have her work displayed at the Johannesburg Art Gallery and South African Art Gallery. “Given the opportunity to engage tourists, this will create a bigger opportunity and exposure to a different form of art which is not exposed.” She adds. The artist strives for recognition, development and growth in the industry.

She told Tsa Pitori she believes in acting towards any idea that comes to mind, when she started with string art she was not perfect. She took her time and practiced until satisfied. #ladi_jaja?

By: Thuli Galane.

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