Music is a language spoken by thousands and understood by millions, regardless of language used to communicate it. This is testimony as we feature Master all the way from Kuruman Northern Cape for the first dosage of Generation Excellence for the year 2016. Otherwise known as Rapelang Gilbert Anthony this lad(young man) is a perfect example that boundaries are just a figment of the imagination and you can achieve everything you put your mind on. Generation Excellence is about celebrating innovation fused with dedication and Master is just a perfect reflection of that.


Inspired by his uncle who was a cultural music recording artist, in 2003 Master decided to also follow his love for music working as a pianist for one of the bands in Kuruman. From that moment he never looked back and “it has been a wonderful experience” says Master. His music fuses different ancient and contemporary sounds performed live. As his journey began he has maintained the rhythm continuing to work with a live band on both performances and recordings.

Artistic is the word one can use to define this driven lad, when he is not busy recording his music you will find him filming some music and innovative moments. He is forever on a mission to get his music to reach crowds from different corners of the world, he is currently pushing his music online with Sound Invasion Records a record label from Spain. The beauty about his music is that it’s performed live thus adding that element of surprise all the time and demanding that he gives his best at all times.


Like with every upcoming act the journey hasn’t been like a walk in the park as he has had his fair share of hustles. The most challenging part for Master has been getting his music playlisted in the mainstream radio stations thus restricting its influence within the country. His ultimate goal is for him to see his music touch people and make its intended impact, however without recognition from mainstream radio this isn’t always the case, although it hasn’t discouraged him to keep pushing.

Master feels he has a crucial role to play in the music industry especially locally as he feels most local acts lack that element of originality and depend mostly on sampling to make an impact. He is currently involved on a project which entails live performances working with Seodin Jazz and Cultural Ensembles. He defines his music as a game changer that entails live performing with an element of new age sound.

This lad dreams of one day working with the likes of HHP and Khuli Chana on some of his projects of which he believes it would be epic. Fans and readers can get more info about this act and his current projects by liking the Facebook page Seodin Jazz and Cultural Ensembles. When asked to motivate the readers and fans out there he replies by saying “never give up, grab each and every opportunity by both hands, and never disappoint yourself”.

That’s all we had for you on this dosage of Generation Excellence and allow me to wish you compliments of the New Year and wish you only the best in all your endeavours. To catch up with me you can add me on Facebook its David Baloyi, on Twitter its @Dave_Balo and on Instagram its Dave MDB. Until the next dosage of Generation Excellence remember that “Failure is an excuse of laziness”.



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