Gift and Flowers by Lorraine Khuliso Ramalivhana a 29-year-old from Dzingahe Village in Venda-Limpopo now based in Pretoria is a company designed to provide gifts, flowers for events and celebrations. The company was established on the 24th of January 2019 but started to operate on September 2019 after it was registered. “Our business is here to provide excellent and exceptional services to our clients by ensuring our client’s needs and expectations are met”, she says.

The company focuses on all life celebrations and other celebratory calendar dates. Most of their services are done online and delivered to the client’s door. “I currently have no financial support and I had to use my own money and savings”, she says.  Ramalivhana dreams of owning a store one day but needs financial support to achieve the goals she has for her business. One of her challenges is capital because of delivery costs and not making profit. Her future plan is to reach as many people as possible and have different stores around the country. “I am not funded, and I did not have any capital but had to use my savings to buy resources to make it work.

This year I can gladly say that since January my business is making its own profit and it gives me hope and belief that it will make sense one day”, she says. She holds a Diploma in Information Technology from PC Training and Business College, Certificate in Introduction to Supply Chain Management and Recently graduated in BMil Degree Human and Organisational Development with Stellenbosch University.

She has two registered companies under her name, “I just love beautiful things and always had a dream to start an event business, but I opted to start here. For me seeing young people my age in business and growing inspires me a lot and I have tried selling Tupperware, Justine and even joining pyramid schemes but at the end of the day I needed something that will push me to start and create my own brand”, she says.


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