Greetings friends of Mawisa and @Tsa_Pitori readers at large and welcome to the first instalment of #kasivibes for the year 2016, your weekly dosage of premium infotainment. I know it’s been long but believe me when I say I’m back for good. Anyhow this week I’m blessed to be chatting to Lesego Malotle better known as Dj Sulpha. Enjoy as we unpack nothing but a great musical journey, it’s about to get real and also I’m about to get schooled.


DJ Sulpha

Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori online magazine, how are you doing?
A. Ecstatic to be given opportunity to be in your presence.

Q. Let’s get straight to it.. tell us more about yourself?
A. In a nutshell, first and foremost Sulpha is an immature grown man, shy and crazy at the same time. Lesego Malotle on the other hand is the more mature entity, the angel to the demon Sulpha. The combined personalities make me who I am. I’m Pretorian born and bred, Soshanguve is my home but I reside in several spaces. Electronic Engineer by primary career, a lot of things including Disc Jockey(DJ) as a secondary career then hobbies developing to business prospects.

Q. Who inspired you to become a Hip Hop DJ?
A. Surprisingly no one, it was a knack actually. Hobby evolved into something more.

Q. With that said why Hip Hop over other music genres?
A. Growing up, I was a big kid (Yes, we sugar-coated the fact that I was fat and still am) and Hip Hop back then was all about baggy pants, so I used that as a cover-up for wearing big things. Hip Hop covered me up so much that the interest in any genre wasn’t as strong and comfortable so to speak.

Q. Vinyl or CD, and why?
A. Vinyl, it feels more authentic. I thank the heavens they’re on the comeback, I love how it isolates DJs in field. *laughs*…sorry

Q. Would you agree with me when I say it’s exciting times for SA Hip Hop because of the new school raising the bar within the Hip Hop industry?
A. I’m on the fence about that one because the level of exposure SA Hip Hop has currently is on fire but raising the bar?…… Uhm Niggas…wait I meant artists have broken down Hip Hop into more pieces then it need be and when they specialize in these little pieces, the other pieces they lack makes me doubt them as an artist. Example MC-ing is a Hip Hop element, but when artist says he can spit bars and punch lines but can’t freestyle. Ai eish Maybe I missed a couple of classes in the Hip Hop new school (Lol, yes read this part again, there was a punchline an artist could use)

Q. One of the challenges you face within the industry as a DJ?
A. DVD Player DJs *so called DJs who just fall into the Hip Hop DJ-ing trend but don’t really know much about DJ-ying).

Q. What sets you apart from the rest of the Hip Hop cats?
A. I freestyle my sets.

Q. What’s that one thing you would like to change about the industry?.
A. DVD Player DJs *laughs*

Q. You seem to be raising the flag very high for local Hip Hop with your weekly mix. Kindly tell us more about this movement.
A. Well I wish I could call it a weekly mix but I can’t when it’s dropped, it’s dropped. It’s a project I thought of whilst bouncing from one kasi Hip Hop event or session to another. Pretoria has a lot of niggas investing into Hip Hop in terms of making music. And the only way to get music out to the public is through performances and downloads and out-the-trunk sales until you cashed up enough to make a video or get marketing behind the music. I thought “Hey, how about help the niggas market their work whilst doing what I enjoy”, hence the CapCity Pitori Mixtapes, I go around asking artists to pass me their music and I compile a mix and share it (I share it freely with the consent of the artists) and try to market the artist’s music and I get happy when I see the support in downloads to say that people are listening and hopefully someone can get a break into the mainstream or put food on their table with a booking or something.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Sulpha.Kemao , DjSulpha
Twitter: @ Sulpha_KeMao
Instagram: SulphaKemao

☆The End☆

I’m still in complete awe to be interviewing DJ Sulpha, he’s one of those few in the industry that are genuine. DJ Sulpha is indeed raw and I believe it might not be today or tomorrow but his hustle shall blow up soon, it’s only a matter of time.

DJ Sulpha concludes our interview with this word “If you’re not the best, try to be amongst the best.”

Nothing but Gods Love, Peace and Blessings upon you all.



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  • March 6, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    Thank you once again for the oportunity. Blessed. May yol grow from strength to new strength and reach heights beyond your expections


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