Small and start up business deserve to be given a platform to engage with their target market and other people who have buying power. Short street markets are events hosted by founders Moshe Lesutu and Karabo Tlholoe, to give entrepreneurs with small businesses a platform to connect with buyers and network with other entrepreneurs as well.

It started back in 2017 when the founders came up with an idea to bring all kinds of businesses together. Social Markets are hosted at Ga-Rankuwa Zone 16 on the last Sunday of month end. One of the founders, Moshe Lesutu owns a Pub ‘n Grill and the events are hosted outside the venue.

Next to the Pub are houses owned by community members, so in order to make the events a success the founders had to get permission from the owners of the houses on that street. “We went door to door and explained to each person who resides in the houses on the street and explained what it is we trying to do for the community and they understood” Lesutu said. Different entrepreneurs selling different products attend the events and put up stalls to advertise and sell their products.

The events start from 1:00pm till late to give sellers enough time to get their products sold. Variety of products such as clothes, accessories, food, art, Tupperware, shoes and bags are sold at the Short Street Markets events. The aim of these events is to create opportunities for small businesses, to bring sellers closer to their customers, to create social interactions and for people to have fun.

After the first event was hosted in October 2017, people where raving about it on social media to a point where they decided to make frequent events. “The turn out after the first event was so great and the markets where back by popular demand” commented Karabo Tlholoe. Giving back to others doesn’t necessarily mean that giving them something in particular, but assisting them in reaching their ultimate goal. Social Markets are giving small businesses recognition, an opportunity to engage with their customers and know exactly what is it that their customers need, and a chance to understand their competitors and share business ideas.



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