The DA has expressed concern for Ga-Rankuwa residents’ safety due to the prolonged electrical crisis at the Ga-Rankuwa police station, which has left the police station, court, and mortuary in the dark. Eskom is allegedly refusing to fix the substation or restore power to the police station, despite the fact that power to the court and mortuary has been restored.

According to DA Gauteng spokeswoman for Community Safety, Crezane Bosch, the station has been without power for several months, dating back to October 2021, when the wires delivering electricity from an Eskom substation were allegedly severely damaged and stolen.

This situation is affecting the police station’s operational services and putting the safety of residents and officers who specifically work night shifts at risk. Because of the prolonged power outage, the station is unable to connect its computers hence the is no access to the 10111 helplines. This means the station will be unable to adequately respond to calls made to the emergency helpline. “This situation was elevated to the provincial department for assistance and immediate involvement, but to no avail,” Bosch added.

The station was able to secure a generator to let police officers continue their duties. However, they are unable to obtain gasoline for the generator, and in some cases, they have had to purchase the fuel with their own funds due to the provincial government’s lack of cooperation in resolving the issue.

The police officers are also compelled to utilize their personal smartphones as their only method of communication in order to do their duties, as the phone lines are also down owing to the outage. “This isn’t fair to any officer, and it’s not sustainable, because these figures aren’t public, and they’re once again unavailable to the general public. There is a pressing need for immediate action to restore power. This can’t be postponed much longer,” Bosch remarked.

Bosch has written to the SAPS Gauteng Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, the MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko, and the Head of Department for Community Safety, demanding for immediate intervention to restore power.

“It is the SAPS’ responsibility to guarantee that all of its police stations are appropriately equipped with all of the basic resources required to assure citizens’ safety. We will continue to work with the provincial authorities and monitor the situation to ensure that power is restored as soon as possible,” Bosch added.

According to Gauteng police spokeswoman, Dimakatso Sello, the electrical issue has been referred to the appropriate departments by the police headquarters in Gauteng. She further stated that alternate procedures have been implemented to guarantee that service delivery is not impeded.

According to Bosch, the police station should be fully operational again without fear of retaliation from local officers. In the meantime, if members of the public need to contact the police station, they should dial the following numbers.

Station Commander – 082 416 0808

Vispol Commander – 082 520 1583

CSC Commander – 071 675 6279Patrol vehicle – 071 675 6277

By: Ntombikayise Madlala.

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