GAMA events in partnership with GAMA Ambassadors, MATLALA productions, MAPHA productions, Sun Corousel, Hance clothing, SABYA, 1G Records, Monama Sounds, NLS creative solutions, Buang’s graphics, The Katz Alive and FKM productions presents the second annual Golden Art and Media Awards (GAMA awards) that will take place at Sun Carousel on the 7th of December 2019. Tebogo Matlala who is the founder and deputy chairperson for GAMA described GAMA as a platform for empowering artists to realize their full potential.

“We have many talents on the ground and what is needed is the necessary support and platform to take their craft forward and help make a living out of it”-Tebogo further explained to Tsa Pitori. GAMA Awards aims to recognize hard working individuals through awards as a way of acknowledging their hustle and encouraging them to continue fighting poverty using their talents.

Tebogo told Tsa Pitori that as GAMA they believe that talent is an asset that is provided by God and for it to grow it needs to be nurtured, serviced and taken care off. They provide a platform for artists from different parts of South Africa to unite and inspire one another. He said they acknowledge that education is important but they also take into account that talent matters because it can help change someone’s life for the better.

In total GAMA has 20 categories. The Official GAMA 2019 categories list includes Best Photographer, Best Graphic Designer, Best Radio Presenter, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Event of the Year, Best Upcoming Artist of the Year, Best Music Video, Best Hustler, Best Poet, Best DJ, Best Hip Hop Artist, Best Choir/Musical Group of the Year, Best Dance Crew (Traditional, Hip Hop, house), Best Music Producer, Song of the Year, Best Clothing Brand, Life Time Achievement Award and Mr & Miss GAMA 2019 (Best female & male model).

The future of GAMA is looking bright. Tebogo told Tsa Pitori that they want to see the brand “GAMA” being able to give birth to a talent, nourish the talent until it becomes fully competent to also give back to the community. He said GAMA will be a stepping stone for many South African Artists who are still underground to be able to compete at a global level. Tebogo told Tsa Pitori that in future, they want to partner with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

GAMA awards winners gets to walk away with awesome prices such as a cash prizes, GAMA 2019 trophy, GAMA 2019 winner sash, documentary shoot, profile reference, social media acknowledgement and accessory bag from SABYA, including USB, key holder, document file and diary. GAMA is available on Facebook, their page is Golden Art and Media Awards #GAMA2019.



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