Tshego Mosupye known as Tshego Koke from Ga-Rankuwa north of Pretoria (now based in Johannesburg), has set himself apart as one of the most influential in youth pop culture. As he was crowned the MTV VJ Title in 2017 and got his big break into the entertainment industry, he described that moment as highly emotional as he has been battling with depression which is something he openly talks about to the public.

He is also someone who takes his fitness very seriously and does regular fitness training sessions because they have helped him in dealing with depressio. Although he does not experience that debilitating type of depression, he has had moments when he slipped into a dark space, but managed to bounce back.

He is also a fashionista as he is regarded as one of the best dressed South African Celebrities with his good looks being a bonus advantage. He loves wearing the latest in urban fashion even though he appreciates comfort before fashion and wears clothes that not only make him look nice but also good, ‘’People often think I  dress purely for style, nah I dress for comfort , I can krump in most of my outfits’’ he said in an interview with ‘Zalebs’ in June 22 2020. He also won GQ’s best dressed award.

Koke also delved into Music, TV, radio, and fashion and feels that it is a blessing for him as he can witness all these achievements. ‘’When I was kid, I used to say I will be on television one day and influence people positively either through fitness, music, or fashion’’ he further added. He plans to grow his footprint in the fitness and nutrition space while doing other things outside presenting, ‘’I might take up acting’’ he said.

By Mamsi Nkosi

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