Another week of nothing but great infotainment within Pretoria is upon us. Today we feature an event called Kasi Market, a retail and consumer merchandise pop up store. An interesting turn of things indeed so kindly check out the fresh box below, as DJ Twistee from Mabopane who is one of the organisers tells us from a-z about this coming event.


Q. Before we can unpack today’s topic, DJ Twistee how has the hustle been for you?
A. My hustle has always been hard at some point but so far everything is under control.

Q. How do you stay current as a DJ?
A. We all know that there’s a lot of DJ’s out there, so I do my things under the bridge where a lot of people can’t go.

Q. What projects are you currently busy with this year?
A. A lot of projects are underway this year, I am busy with Kasi Market and Comedy Nights to mention a few hey.

Q. Lesson learnt thus far as a DJ?
A. I have learnt that to achieve your goals, you must work hard and #push hard because it’s never too late to archive your goals.

Q. Share a word of motivation to those looking up to you as a DJ?
A. “Guys I am the kind of person who follows their heart, I dream a lot and try by all means to achieve my dreams so follow your heart. Don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t do it. Nothing is impossible.”

Q. Now let’s get down to business, how did the Kasi Market event come about?
A. It’s actually funny how this event came about, we were having a boys talk between myself, Black Jazz and Mo’Carlo. We were wondering what cool things can one done around Mabopane, then we came up with ‘Kasi Market’. We saw that many young people out there are talented and they are unknown. We teamed up, formed a group called ‘Kasi Market’ where we are trying by all means to take out the darkness these people are in.

Q. What inspired you and your team to co-ordinate the Kasi Market event?
A. I can say we were inspired by the Market@TheSheds pop up market that was held in Pretoria via Church Square we went there twice and we were like we don’t have such platforms where we live. We decided to have the same platform which includes youth from our kasi.

Q. A lot of pop-up markets or should I say lifestyle events are being coordinated throughout Pretoria, what sets Kasi Market apart from the rest?
A. Kasi Markets are not that different from other pop up markets but our target market is the youth that’s what sets us apart.

Q. What can people expect from the Kasi Market event?
A. Expect things that you guys have never seen before. Good music, different activities, different styles of clothing and lots of comedy.

Q. On the same breath how many pop-up stores will be showcasing at the event?
A. 7 in total.

••• THE END •••

Contact Details

Facebook: Thato Mochaka or Thato Twistee Mochaka)
Instagram: @dj_twistee

Truth be told, I’m quite skeptical about pop-up events I feel they been done to death, but then if it’s well executed and talents are exposed to the right masses, then why not. I can’t wait to see what Kasi Market has in store for us. I’m glad Dj Ttwistee and his team are providing a platform to talented youth of Mabopane. It’s high time we put our hard work out there to the people. Go out there and cash in on this great opportunity presented to you. I urge my fellow talented youth to make it a priority to work twice as hard at their hustle. Time waits for no man.

Until next week please make sure you don’t miss your weekly dosage of #kasivibes, where talents are celebrated. Nothing but God’s peace, love and blessings upon you.

On a rather sad note…

It is with great sadness to say I’m not a proud South African citizen due to #xenophobic killings.

Say no to #xenophobic killings fellow Africans, we are one!!!

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