Dave_BaloWelcome to yet another sizzling edition of your most reliable source of local content Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine #ladi_jaja. Last month we gave you an exciting edition and your reception was overwhelming and this month we’re back with a bang like an action movie. Likewise this edition is championed by another provocative theme and without any further ado the theme for this month is Freedom. Our writers have gone the extra mile and out did themselves addressing our theme for the month.

What does freedom mean to you? How is it working for you or against you? Do you think freedom builds or destroys our country? All this questions will be answered on this edition of the magazine. One thing you should know is you used your freedom of choice wisely by deciding to read this edition and by the time you’re done your life won’t be the same. We have recently celebrated freedom month which is April and we hope it was good to you as this edition will be.

We dedicated this edition to shedding more light onto what freedom means and how to make the most of it. We also took the liberty to feature some young people who are doing great using their freedom. Plenty of people gave their lives to ensure that this generation of ours can lead free and prosperous lives. You might ask yourself which free and prosperous lives am I talking about especially if you’re amongst those who are still enduring the mishaps of poverty.

It’s true that there are still plenty of injustices and corruption derailing our people from the true victory of the so called freedom. However not all hope is lost, the beauty is like our predecessors the power is in our hands and unlike past times we don’t have to fight or dodge bullets to realize our destiny.  It’s your calling to be great and it would be a shame if you were to settle for less because of hurdles you have the capacity to overcome.

We are living in an era whereby more and more people get social and economic freedom by the day. People are starting to take fate into their own hands and making the most of the little they have. More and more millionaires are surfacing and people moving from rags to riches. The trick is choosing to be an exception, being born poor is not your fault but dying poor is nothing but your own choice. Schooling at higher levels is available to people from all walks of life and take it upon yourself to be an exception.

I sincerely hope this issue is eye opening and you use it to better yourself as an inhabitant of our beautiful country. I write this as a youth with aspirations of changing my situations and I am afforded such situations on a daily basis, what’s important is what I do with those opportunities. Of course likewise I am also met by different challenges but it’s up to me whether I look at the glass as half full or half empty. Happy reading and if you would like to stay in touch with me it’s @Dave_Balo goggle me.




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