Modern day society as we know it has silently begun to acknowledge entrepreneurs and the role they play in the upliftment of their communities. This behind the scenes societal endorsement has propelled the engine of the free market system. Anybody and everybody can trade with whomever they so please on an equal platform. They all share the same challenges and barriers in those markets, gone are the days of David and Goliath. The evolution has become so volatile that you could enter the market today as a David and within 24 hours become a Goliath of the industry, then in the following 24 hours become the Goliath that was taken down by the new David of the industry.

In this edition of The Dreameneur Corner we take a closer look at the freedoms that have been afforded especially when it comes to economic participation especially entrepreneurship. Gone are the days of apartheid and discriminatory laws yet we still seem not to have properly intuited the trading environment and conditions that have now been availed to us.

Free entry into the market has allowed the average Sipho and Palesa from Soshanguve to compete with Shimizu from Japan and Derek from Holland. Their`       footing is equal and it is up to each one to prove their worth. The borders of South Africa have been wide open since the abolishment of apartheid and in the same breath sanctions on trade have been lifted, affording every one the possibility of being a participant and contributor in this lovely yet hostile world of dreameneurship.

According to a Free Enterprise is an economic system where few restrictions are placed on business activities and ownership. In this system governments generally have minimal ownership of enterprises in the market place. This system aims for limited restrictions on trade and minimal government intervention.

The characteristics of a free enterprise system or more commonly addressed as capitalism are as follows:

  • Consumer spending and preferences drive the types of products and services that companies offer
  • There are limited restrictions to buying property, buildings and land
  • The business owner has the ability to choose the suppliers and other stakeholders to do business with
  • The state allows you to choose any type of business or field to pursue income
  • The business is allowed to set its own pricing and subsequently its own profit margins.

The Free Enterprise Eystem has become the open stadium for the ordinary man in the street to become a formidable player in the business game. We have surpassed the days of trade embargos and sanctions and now we are free to trade with whoever we want to.

The country has even created governmental structures such as the Department of Small Business Development. These sort of initiatives show the progress we have made towards encouraging economic activity even at grassroots levels. The establishment of organizations like the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA), National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) show an active interest on the part of the government to allow open and fair participation when it comes to business.

It thus becomes the responsibility of each individual to take it upon themselves to become players and pioneers in their communities and the world at large to take up the opportunities that are presented to them or even better create their own knowing that their only limit is the extent to which their minds can soar.

Let your inner Dreameneur lead you to places you have never imagined in order to allow you to achieve all of your dreams and goals. We are free to be whoever we want to be!

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By: KARABO MASENYADILOANA(Chief Empowerment Officer Dreameneur (PTY)Ltd, Facebook: “We Are Entrepreneurs”, TWITTER: “@dreameneur_za)

Edited By: @DAVE_BALO

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