Shota Xolani Mduli (28) from Winterveldt is a young entrepreneur running an online shop  and the founder of the Free Bread and Sanitary Pads Campaign. The main aim was to share the little he had with the needy and doing something which can alleviate someone from the stress of not having to think what he/she will eat. He said, just a “thank you” from a beneficiary goes a long way and they don’t take pictures of people who are beneficiaries.

 In addition, he stated “I feel like it’s unnecessary to share or expose their picture on social media platform we just share what we will be giving away to encourage others to also give back to their communities”. Mdluli initiated Free Bread and Sanitary Pads campaign last year during the hard lockdown. 

The campaign is in partnership with @kasipreneurs and @ dressed by Kat. Obstacles that they normally face sometimes is not having enough money to cover all people who are informed to come and collect bread and sanitary pads. He overcomes this challenge by making tryig to make sure every individual receives one bread and sanitary pads.

“I receive support from friends and many people on social media contributing with money and necessities such as pads and I appreciate their efforts and may the Lord bless them abundantly,” Mdluli said. On the 4th of September 2021, the campaign will be giving away free bread and sanitary pads at Corner Bushveld and Molefe Makinta Road next to Wintenveldt Enterprise Hub Automotive.

“We are calling upon business owners and residents around to support our campaign by making donations it can be bread, pads, or cosmetics this will come in handy to those coming from unprivileged backgrounds.” #ladi_jaja?

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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