Following Cassper’s words on “Ooh Aah,” when he claimed to have inspired the Pretoria-based singer, has undoubtedly offended Pitori Maradona. Focalistic made it obvious in his early days of popularity that Cassper Nyovest was his influence, but he has since done an about-face and named South African Billionaire Mostepe as his inspiration. The Amapiano star shared on Instagram that he had supper with Mostepe while they were both in France, where they had first met.

Cassper said on Twitter that he didn’t intend for his songs to be offensive to Focalistic and that he did it in good faith. In the same tweet, Cassper emphasized that Focalistic could have responded with a song rather than via Instagram Live if he had chosen to. Ooh Aah, a new song by Cassper featuring the late Riky Rick and Fakaloice from Ambitiouz Entertainment, was released earlier this month.

The rapper discusses Focalistic and talks about how much of an inspiration he is to other musicians throughout the song. While he did inspire me, inspiration doesn’t have an invoice, Focalistic stated during a live Instagram video. “There’s no way I can pay you for inspiring me. Michael Jackson inspired me as well. I could pay him, but he’s passed on. So, if you inspired me, sharp bro, but I’m live at the Eiffel Tower now. From Pretoria to Paris. You supposed to be inspired by me. That will never change.”

In his response to a query from Freshmen Magazine on an Instagram post regarding whether his line was directed at Focalistic, Cassper also clarified what he meant by his lyrics. “It wasn’t a swipe at him, but it appears that he was offended. Ke hip haap doggo, whatever. Cassper gave a reply.

Reporter: Palesa Maneli

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