Popular blogger has shared a twitter post of Focalistic’s R15K Balenciaga Crocs Boot Musa Khawula posted a snap that depicted Focalistic rocking the shoe along with a R15 000 price tag that sent shockwaves to social media user who showed dissatisfaction especially after many Mzansi artists who used to spend money on mindless things have gone broke including Dr Malinga. After seeing the shoe, South Africans felt that the price tag was excessive.

Many people thought the Balenciaga shoes are “ugly” and “hideous” for such a high price. Other users simply criticised Focalistic for mindless spending, ChrisExcel102 said: “We save these prices for Donations times.”

@CozminoNtsomi shared: “We don’t wanna hear abo “thanks bye” in the near future ke.” @Mayo6Tee posted: “One day is one day. Even Zola and Mandoza were on this level once least for Zola he knew the community.”

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