Eighty-nine shacks were destroyed and three have died and 26 injured when a fire ravaged the informal settlement, Plastic View, east of Pretoria on Saturday night. The informal settlement is home to a mixture of South Africans and immigrants. The City of Tshwane’s Jordan Griffiths says the Emergency Services of the City of Tshwane were able to quickly extinguish the fire.

“Unfortunately, 89 structures were destroyed and to date, 3 fatalities have been confirmed. And it is estimated that 26 people have been injured and are currently in hospital. On the ground currently is MMC Dana Wannenberg from waste management to assist in clearing the site along with MMC Thabisile Vilakazi from Social Development, to assist where the city can support.”

The inhabitants live in close quarters to each other. On Mandela day in 2020 hundreds of residents were left homeless when a fire also gutted the informal settlement. Moreletta Park NG Church is taking donations including food, clothing, blankets, cooking utensils and toiletries to help the afftected residents. #ladi_jaja?

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