Greetings and welcome to another dosage of infotainment right here on #kasivibes. This time around we got to chat with ‪DJ Nonkie Chana born as Mampone Ntsizi from Mabopane. She’s a female Disc Jockey who Fell in love with music in her primary school days.



Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online Magazine, how are you doing?
A. I am fabulous thank you.

Q. Take us through your childhood days, did you have a normal upbringing?
A. I had a very good normal upbringing, my mom and dad raised me very well, my dad was a little strict but hey am I glad he was maybe I wouldn’t be the person that I am today *lol*

Q. When did you realise you have a passion for music?
A. Yhoooo! It all started in my primary school days, I was in a school choir and went to high school with it and I told myself that after doing matric I was gonna go to this arts institutions but I couldn’t due of auditions *lol* I got too nervous during auditions and I just gave up, but because I love music, House music happened and I never looked back.

Q. If you weren’t into the music industry what would you be doing?
A. Corporate world it is.

Q. With that said mention that one lesson you have learned thus far?
A. To do what I love and be the best that I can.

Q. Will you ever go into music production?
A. Mos def!!! That is my next step.. cant wait to produce

Q. What sets you apart from other female Disc Jokeys?
A. I am me all day every day.

Q. What’s your advice to those that want to follow your career path?
A. First things first make sure that it’s something that you love ,something that you will stand for, respect it and something that will always come first.

Q. You always share your monthly links of music podcast, kindly share your latest link for our readers.
A. Https://www.datafilehost.com/d/2d000c11 you can get my latest mix on datafilehost and you can also listen and download on http://nonkie202.podcast.com and I am also on SoundCloud: Nonkie_Chana1

Q. I believe you won a bursary from Foreal, take us through that experience?
A. Uhmm I remember I had to go Foreal and register for the course and so I’ve always been a social media person so as I was on twitter I bumped into the competition on House Legend Magazine a deejays online magazine and I had to write an email containing 100 or more words I think, as to say why should I get this bursary and guess what? I got it.

Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Nonkie Chana
Twitter: @IamNonkie
Email: nonkie202@gmail.com

•••THE END •••

One will ask why did I ask DJ Nonkie Chana to come and chat with me. Well one of the reasons is I can relate to her hustle. It’s stressful to be a beginner at any field of work without support especially when you are a female DJ. We need to lend a hand to those that need us so that they can reach their dreams.

“Every field of work has its own ups and downs, so getting gigs and getting recognition as a female disc jockey are a few struggles I experience within the industry.” – DJ NonkieChana. When asked how she would like to be remembered this is what she said “I just want to be remembered as the dopest female disc jockey/producer.” In closing she said “just being able to do what I have always wanted to do and no one standing in my way..that’s total bliss in other words that’s FREEDOM!”

Nothing but Gods love, peace and blessings upon you all.


Edited By: @DAVE_BALO

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