Gawd damn you sure are looking fine, yeah I know been working out.

As arrogant as it may sound it’s still a fact because fitness is the new in thing that everyone seems to be doing or considering. This is a great thing because being healthy is a very good thing with many benefits. But some people seem to have gotten it twisted.

For now all of a sudden people want to do weights for hulk type muscles and do squats to rival Minnie’s bum for all the wrong reasons. Having those things is not an achievement, neither does it make you popular. It just draws the wrong kind of people who only have malicious intends, to only use and benefit from your newly gained assets.

Yes it’s great to have a banging body that everyone can envy but let’s do it for the greater good that benefits us in creating a healthier community. Because in today’s generation there’s always a new illness, sickness or disease popping up from nowhere, which is why we have to be fit and healthy.

Looking and feeling good is about doing it for oneself and not for other people’s appraisal or approval. And by doing it for yourself you get a newly gained self esteem, confidence and a deeper sense of love for yourself and your body. So do it for you, after all it’s your own happiness that matters.



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