Dumelang Dumelang. Welcome to another weekly dosage of #kasivibes. Well this week I got the opportunity to sit down with motswako’s fastest tongue twisting rapper, yes I’m talking about Bizz. Born Lesego Michael Morake at Atteridgeville, situated on the west of Pretoria. Kindly check out the FreshBox below as he tells us about his music career, do enjoy!



Q. Welcome to @Tsa_Pitori Online magazine. How are you today?
A. I’m Good…Thanks..

Q. Let’s get straight to it and talk music. What inspired you to venture into the music business?
A. I was inspired by Tupac’s music for me to be doing what I’m good at but..I was inspired by the challenges within the business side of music for me to realize that there’s more to music than just recording.

Q. With that said why Hip Hop and not any genre of music?
A. Well, for me it’s the fact that you not only write what you like but you can talk about things that affect people’s lives… so it’s more than just bumping your head to the beat. Different rappers express themselves differently according what inspires them and how… talking about Rhythm And Poetry(RAP)

Q. You have worked with the best people within the industry and what have you learnt thus far?
A. I’ve learned that music is business and if you know nothing of that you’ll be known as dope(good) lyricist with nothing to show for it. Nobody cares about you or what you go through it’s all on you, wise up or get your revenue.

Q. What are you currently working on?
A. I’m currently working with Audio Crime/Melodic Messengers, a band from Eldorado Park(Johannesburg). I think working with a live band is much more flexible because you can change your song anywhere anytime, there’s no restrictions.

Q. Shed some light on working with DJ and producer Justin Jay from Los Angeles, California(USA).
A. Justin Jay is someone I met on Twitter, he’s the producer who worked with the likes of Drake, Eminem, Jay Z, Bizzy Bone etc. He followed me on twitter advertising and left me a link to access his free tagged beats, I followed him back and that’s when I got the first two beats from him which of course is an honor. I now have close to 9 beats from the above mentioned maestro for free but not for official release, but for performance. I’ll close off by saying there’s nothing more powerful than social media, rappers take heed of that. It’s nice to record a dope(good) track and be famous in your hood/township, but it’s much nicer to record your dope(good) track and get support, love and revenue from overseas even if you get booed on stage.I know much of my unreleased material is online and people who can’t even hear a single word are loving them.


Social Platforms/ Booking Info
Facebook: Bizz Atv
Twitter: @BizzAtv
Cell: 082 868 0013

••• THE END •••

In 1999 he recorded a hit album with a group he was called Ghetto Squad produced by Mujava named “Hip Hop Diphala”. He released his first album titled Mfana Kasi which had a single titled “Tell me wh’. Beez M’akhi was once the face of KFC and this was after winning the KFC “Freestyle my style”. In 2012 he came with a new signature name Bizz ATV. He has collaborated with the likes of Khuli Chana and HHP.
He performed with Khuli Chana as an opening act for the international Hip Hop star Kendrick Lamar on his S.A tour. Bizz can now safely say he is a king in his own right as he now has a joint collaboration with a live band named Audio Crime that has played for the likes of Tkzee, Khuli Chana and Zahara just to name a few. He is already paving a way for his next solo project “Son of Ashma Ep”, including two mix tape singles produced by DJ and producer Justin Jay.

“The fastest tongue twisting Motswako rapper in history” – Khuli Chana said.
An international online magazine called Okay Africa acclaimed him the “illest MC” in Pretoria.

Allow me to love and leave you. Nothing but God’s love, peace and blessings upon you all.


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