On Saturday, February 26, Tsa Pitori attended the Reboot fashion show, at the Women’s monument in Pretoria CBD next to State Theater. The event was organized by Popi Mooi (48) and her associates. Mooi who is based in Sharpville said she has been designing since she was 17 years old. “After the pandemic had impacted me and other designers negatively, I thought such an initiative would restore and inspire participants to keep pushing.” She added.  

She elaborated that she had the idea for a long time and always lacked resources, until she finally decided to give it a shot. Mooi told Tsa Pitori that she chose this specific location because it’s a historic location that is about celebrating women who fought for liberation. “I also want to educate the young generation to take their fate into their own hands, just like the brave women celebrated at this monument.” She said.

She further said her goal as a designer who has showcased in many shows and saw the treatment designers and models received, her aim is for other designers to learn and go do it for themselves. She started putting together this event from November 2021, and started her designs with papers and recycling denims to attract more participants. She worked with her daughter, son, Natash, Lesego and Rejoice. They had no sponsors when putting the event together.

Amongst the hosted designers was Victor Galebuye, originally from Taung in the North West but currently based in Mamelodi where he runs his business. He said he started designing after he was not happy with the service he got from other designers when looking for custom made designs. Moloko Ramalobela started modelling in 2016 after he was introduced to the craft by a friend. He is from Tembisa and attended the event to grow his portfolio and craft.

Karabo Mathibela and his partner started designing in 2016 and they are both from Mpumalanga. They have always had love for fashion. They chose to participate in this event because they believed Pretoria would give them the platform to reach a larger audience. Their brand is called Exceptional clothing, and they design street wear. Lesego Hlongwane from Mabopane started modelling in 2014. She was part of the organizing team for this event. She has previously participate in events like the Soweto fashion week, Pretoria fashion week, and All Africa fashion week.

Several other designers and models were also part of the event like Mpho aka him 997, founder of venom who has been designing from 2018. In closing Popi Mooi said “I am so delighted about the work put in by my team and how the event turned out. This is just the beginning.” She concluded.

By: Dave Balo.

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