Faith & Hope foundation will be hosting an environmental & agriculture management workshop in partnership with NYDA it will be held at 13h30 on the 30th of June 2022 at extension 23 Tsunami with an objective of raising awareness and making information available regarding the NYDA service support program and environmental & agricultural program

Faith and hope foundation NPO based in Ga-Rankuwa 862 Unit 23 focuses on education, advocacy, research, and leadership. Their programs are made possible by the individuals from the organization, ’we seek out credible partners who have a good reputation in the area and we contribute our own resources to the initiative by planning to work closely with these partners to monitor and evaluate the progress’’ said Faith Sibeko (chairperson)

With their mission to develop youth and empowerment plan aimed at creating access to social & economic opportunities for the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, ‘’to achieve this, we aim to alleviate poverty and youth unemployment by providing access to computer literacy training which is why we strive to foster an anti-drug sentiment in our youth to build a safer stronger and happier communities’’ Andrew Sesoko (deputy chairperson).

Their programs promote youth empowerment, education and employment and these services include reproductive health & safety counselling, substance abuse prevention, educational & skills training, career guidance etc. these services are aimed towards promoting the active participation of the youth in the larger socio-economic context.

Faith & hope youth development center engages with community members on an outreach basis as it also strives to maintain an active presence in schools, places of worship, community organizations and wherever the youth development needs to be promoted by working closely with social services, business community leaders and related stakeholders to heighten awareness.

 Their programs are:

Youth development

Career guidance

Access to opportunities

Bursaries applications

Computer literacy

Monitoring & evolutions


Leadership programs

Support groups

Drugs and substance abuse




Teenage pregnancy

Their projects are:

Youth development and empowerment

School sanitary towel drive

Back to school drive- a free care program where learners are assisted with homework and computer skills

Annual awards ceremony where exemplary students are rewarded for their academic & sports achievements

Faith Sibeko won ‘woman of the year’ award for her dedication and passion she has for the youth and community members around Ga-Rankuwa

To get in touch with Faith & Hope

Call- 082 405 0693 or 072 7777 044

Email-  for donations and volunteering

Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram

By Mamsi Nkosi

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