The City of Tshwane’s might be disconnected if Eskom keeps to it’s word. The city owes an outstanding electricity bill of R1.6 billion. The utility said it was considering disconnecting the metro as one of the “necessary steps to secure the outstanding payment”. The City only paid R68 million to date,

CoT failed to settle a bill of R878 million, due on 17 June 2022. In that instance, Eskom said it would take “appropriate measures” to recover the outstanding payment.

“The CoT is in breach of the electricity supply agreement which it holds with Eskom by failing to pay the R1.6 billion which was due and payable on 17 August 2022,” the utility said in a statement on Tuesday, 23 August 2022.

Eskom said it had “numerous” engagements with the metro’s management to ensure the full payment of the account. The utility added that the “inconsistent” payments were untenable and unacceptable, particularly in light of Eskom’s financial position.

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