Elvis Pieters known by his stage name Axcn (action) is a twenty-five (25) years old Pretoria based Hip Hop artist who was born and raised in Hammanskraal, New Eersterus. He is one of the educated rappers who studied Journalism at the Tshwane University of Technology and one the most prominent rap potentials in the South African music game right now.

Elvis is one of the rappers who are also talented at dancing and started dancing at the age of nine (9). “Before music took over everything, dancing was my source of energy and I taught a lot of people in my community how to dance, I am also a poet who visits this side of me when I’m emotionally channelled”-said Elvis.

Right now Elvis’ support from family and friends is on a balanced scale and he understands the fact that not everyone is going to neither support, love nor understand what you do or your dreams. He has six (6) siblings who are fully behind him and support him with everything that they have. “Family support has its own days, sometimes they feel like I have been dreaming for too long hence I should focus on my studies although my granny always reminds me not to give up”-said Elvis.

Since he is a young artist, he has an advantage of creating messages that relate to his personal experiences. Elvis creates music for the soul so he writes heart break and love songs. “Most of my lyrics are a bit complex compared to these new age rappers and I turn to be hard-core but sometimes I become gentle and write happy songs”-said Elvis.

Elvis writes for the young and vibrant individuals who are going through the process of learning in life and looks upon other talented rappers such as AKA, Kwesta, Cassper Nyovest and his mentor Ron Epidemic as role models.

Star Boy is one of the best singles that he has released and many people appreciated it. He is currently working on his second mixtape that is not yet titled and he is producing 90% of it and has Deep Motion assisting with the production. The mixtape release date is on the 6th of November 2018 on his mother’s birthday. The mixtape features rappers like Phil Mpho and Black, just to mention a few. He has also performed at the Tshwane University of Technology where it was an open mic for poets and musicians.

Elvis hopes to establish his own production company that will focus on music and film production and wishes to be the next authentic rapper with the ability to tell a touching story that will bring light in a dark space. “One day I would also like to build a dance studio in the community of New Eersterus because that’s where I started as a dancer and this would allow me to give young talent a chance I never had to start somewhere”-said Elvis.

To get hold of action you can contact him on the following social media, Facebook and Instagram: Axcn The dancing Rapper, Twitter:@axcn_SA



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