TMPD reported that eleven metro police were arrested following an alleged assault on three public individuals. The alleged assault had been said to have happened when three men wanted to forcefully remove their vehicle after it was impounded by (TMPD). When this alleged complaint was lodged, the TMPD internal affairs unit that deals with the conduct of members was immediately directed to investigate this matter further and to determine a possibility of an internal disciplinary process.

The matter was given more attention and the TMPD fully cooperated with the independent police investigation Directorate (IPID). Further investigation led to the arrest of eleven TMPD members who are allegedly involved in the assault of the three men. The Tshwane Metro Police Department said it condemns such actions from its members, the internal disciplinary process will continue looking into this arrest.

The TMPD said they work very hard to rule out all kinds of corruption within the Department. The safety of all citizens remains their priority and they urged residents to report any corruption, bribery involving TMPD members. Grace Langa IPID spokesperson, told news 24 that officers have been arrested and appeared in Pretoria Magistrate’s court on Monday.

By: Nthabiseng Makhubela.

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