The rise in cable theft in Eersterust has made residents anxious as they go without power and water for extended periods of time. Not only is it the case in this area but crime keeps on increasing in the country, many have tried seeking help from the Police services but it seems as though none much is being done. Now communities have taken it upon themselves to protect themselves against crime by joining forces and having people to watch over the area at night. community members in Eersterust have joined forces with several security companies to start their own neighborhood night watch.

Sergeant Sam Shibambo, an Eersterust police spokesperson, said the department was aware of an increase in copper cable theft. He stated that police have increased patrols in the affected areas. “In addition, we have arrested several suspects in the area for copper cable theft and tampering with critical infrastructure.” “Police frequently visit and inspect secondhand goods businesses such as scrap yards and recycling facilities to discourage owners from purchasing stolen cables,” Shibambo said.He urged community members patrolling in the area to communicate with the Eersterust CPF. Noeline De Gee, the initiative’s founder, stated that they have been

infiltrating the community at their own cost in bringing an end to all illegal activities in the area. “It’s dreadful to wake up in the morning and not have power.” Your internet is down, and you are unable to work from home. “We’ve also shut down illegally operating shops for 24 hours,” De Gee said. Most cable thefts, according to community members, occur when it is raining or in the early hours of the morning.

Reporter: Palesa Maneli

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