Arise and shine for your time has arrived, dream with your eyes open and see miracles unfold. I remember growing up in the dusty streets of Soshanguve, I had a dream that one day I would change the world. I always considered myself to be an exception and I sincerely believed that nothing was ever beyond me. As I grew older I got to realize that no one person was above the other and that at any given day one could be ahead of the other.

I honestly believe no person wants to lead a miserable and unfulfilling life. However it is never as easy as we would like and for others the climb is harder than for the rest. I always tell my colleagues and loved ones that their challenges are actually opportunities in disguise. That is a story for another day in this edition we’re talking success. I am not going to dwell much on how and what its definition is, but why it’s important to pursue it.

There’s only one thing that explains the purpose of life and why we do the things we do. Think about it all this years of school, the early mornings and late nights working nonstop, marriage and having children, why do we actually pursue these things in life? I am speaking in general when I say the meaning of life is to build and leave a legacy. Every man is remembered for the contribution they make to the world and history has proven that those who don’t make that much an impact they are easily wiped out.

Remember how I said that I dreamt/dream of changing the world? Well this has always been an enigma in my life that could never allow me to settle. Like any unpopular kid growing up I always had to go the extra mile to prove my worth, I had to be good in almost everything I got involved in or I would have to endure the consequences of not being good enough. This has been the highlight of my life and I swore to myself never to lead an average life.

I am not where I want to be today but where I need to be and not many people can say such with their head held up. I mean I am doing what I love and life has been good to me. I work hard every day and party even harder, like the cliché I work like a slave and eat like a king. For me success is the ability to do what makes you happy and reaping the rewards. My journey is far from its conclusion (By the grace of God) and mine is a name you should look out for in the near future.

Follow your dreams and do what makes you happy, because life is too short to live in suspense. We have articles that will inspire you to live and pursue your dreams in this edition of your most reliable source of local content. The time is now and make sure it counts #ladi_jaja?



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