Being an opening act for international acts like Tsekeleke, KO and Professor just to name a few is a great accomplishment in itself. What happens when you are privileged enough to work with the likes of four times Metro FM award winning Emtee, F Eezy and Molly isn’t that being blessed? Well for Wilo Ink that’s just the beginning as the lad has dreams of taking over and being a legend in his own right. Wilo Ink takes his craft very seriously and won’t settle for nothing less than complete domination.


Wilo Ink writes songs, raps, produces and is also a sound engineer, which are some of the crafts he has spent days on end if not years trying to perfect and the results are a perfect reflection of just that. He spends most of his time fine tuning his craft and he has faith that his time to get acknowledgement is nearby with the passing of each day. The music industry is a challenging industry that will chew and spit you out if you take it for granted a mistake Wilo Ink is not willing to make.

His love for music was first ignited when he heard the sensational AB Crazy doing his thing and there and then he knew than this is what he wants to live for. From that particular day he has never looked back, and has spent day after day working on his craft and searching for opportunities in the entertainment industry to enhance himself. The Hip Hop music industry is growing into a multi-million dollar if not rands industry each day and Wilo Ink is ready for his piece of the pie.


Wilo Ink regards himself as a musician at large more than just being a Hip Hop artist and the highlight of his career has been having  spectators or fans if you like come acknowledge ant tell him how good he is. The lad believes it’s just a matter of time before he gets his big break and become man of the moment like his favourite artist AB Crazy once dubbed himself. He is not intimidated by challenges and he always approaches head on, talk about characteristics of a winner.

Thabang Matabane (Wilo Ink) was born on 5 April 1995 in Pretoria before relocating to Limpopo GA Mpahlele where he grew up. He went to school at Kgagatlou and Derek Kobe then came back to Gauteng where he concluded his studies. The biggest challenge he has had in his career is deciding which kind of music to do thus he ended up deciding to not restrict himself and let music decide its fate.


Wilo Ink dreams of one day winning a Grammy award and he believes then he would have made his mark as a musician. He urges fans and our readers to keep in touch with him at Wilo Ink or Wilo SA on Facebook, @Wilo_Ink on Twitter, and Wilo Ink at SoundCloud. Wilo Ink will keep giving you good music so stay in touch. He has the freedom to be whatever he wants and is doing just that.



Edited By: @DAVE_BALO

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