On Thursday, 1st of July 2021, four suspects were identified in Garankuwa Ext 24 attempting to steal a bakkie around 2 am. The suspects were identified wearing black clothes and balaclavas. 

A confidential source said, “the suspects broke the gate and minutes after they opened a water tap, I was scared to come out, they opened a tap hoping that we won’t be able to hear them do what they were there for, thereafter they broke into a bakkie and pushed the bakkie outside, meanwhile I was contacting the police. One of my neighbours saw them and untied his dog that is when they managed to escape and left the van in the following street. I hope that these criminals could get caught and people should be alert and look out for their cars ,”

One of the neighbours that chose to remain anonymous said “we were not yet asleep by the time of the incident, I started hearing sounds, I opened a window and saw four guys outside my neighbours house near a bakkie, I thought maybe it is the owner. I realised that they were criminals when they were busy trying to break the door, these criminals opened a tap hoping that we will not hear them coming in. I am glad that they did not go inside the house, and I hope that the police can do their job and arrest these criminals. Our area is no longer safe, and the law enforcers have to do something about it.”

When Tsa Pitori contacted the SAPS, one of the police officers said the incident took place, however they said they cannot provide information as they do not have full details yet and the case is still under investigation, no arrests have been made yet. The victim is alerting the residents of this incident and urging them to park their vehicles inside their garages.

By: Mbali Mabena.

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